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People write into our site all the time and ask what does Jeff Cavaliere’s meal plan and workout look like? As we approach our 1,000,000th subscriber I thought it would be a good time to show you an example of my daily diet and workout. From the time I wake up at 8:00 in the morning until the time I go to bed at night at 1:00, I show you what a typical day of my diet, supplements and workout would look like.

To begin my day, I wake up at 8:00am and have breakfast by about 8:30am. For some this would seem like a very late start to the day. I would probably agree with you if I wasn’t getting to bed every night at 1am. That said, I start my day with breakfast of pumpkin oatmeal, scrambled eggs and salsa, some fresh kiwi slices and a glass of skim milk.

From there it’s off to work and I get started right away on my duties as the owner of ATHLEAN-X. This occupies a lot of time sitting at the computer and being as active as I am, I sometimes feel as if I want to come out of my skin not moving! It is very important that I make the time to work out later in the evening to help me feel as if I can get some blood flowing again and undo the damage of sitting on my butt for the time I do when working on the business.

The mid morning snack comes up fast, and that for me is a Rx-2 protein shake mixed with strawberries and banana. On days that I know I am going to be especially busy, I take the post workout shake as an additional snack to ensure that I get the nutrition I know I need without having to prepare an extra meal to do so.

Back to business as I usually spend the next few hours catching up with my athletes that I need to communicate with long distance. Skype is my best friend, as it allows me to not only conference in with my athletes or the teams I consult with but to visually see what is going on if I need to be able to evaluate something that may have come up since the last talk. As always, I prefer to save all diagnoses for in person evaluations, but in a pinch, the internet allows me to look at the exercise or injury from afar and get the client on track before I arrive.

Lunch follows with a grilled chicken and veggie wrap with extra sun dried tomatoes. I also have a Greek Yogurt (I’m loving the new Chobani Oats yogurt) and some sparkling water. The sparkling water is a great way for me to forget that I’m drinking water and makes it much more appealing to me and easier for me to drink the amount I need to support muscle growth. If you find that you struggle to drink enough water during the day, try to swap in some sparkling water and you’ll be surprised at how much you will drink.

The afternoon is consumed with training my athletes in person. Whether this be at the XBOX in my home state of Connecticut or on the road as shown in the video, I find that I do most of my training of clients in this afternoon block of time. I do quickly follow that up with an afternoon snack and on this particular day I had some black bean, vegetable and onion soup. It is portable, easy to heat up and makes for a good snack.

Back to work on the business for a few hours before heading home for a dinner and some time with the family. I think it’s important to have someone to come home to and look forward to coming home to. Work is my passion for sure, but the drive to succeed at what I do is strongly rooted in the family I have and it’s what makes me tick.

After this time, it’s the start of the big moment of my day…my workout. A typical Jeff Cavaliere workout would of course include elements of strength and conditioning. In this particular video, I did some quick monkey bar work for upper body agility and jump rope for lower body footwork and conditioning. This led into my shoulder workout that consists of the following exercises:

Landmine Shoulder Presses
Barbell Clean and Press
Plate 8’s
Plyo Side Lateral Raises

I was able to complete this entire workout, including the conditioning, in about 45 minutes.

I followed this workout as I always do with my RX-2 post workout protein shake. I like to mix my blend with cinnamon following my workout.

Before I go to bed however, I make my most important shake of the day…my Rx-3 night time recovery drink. This helps to provide my muscles with the exact nutrition they need during the time when they absolutely need it the most, as they attempt to recover from the workout earlier that evening.

The ATHLEAN-Rx supplements I take in this video as well as the exact workout plans I use can all be obtained at in the supplements and programs section on the site.

For more workouts and diets from Jeff Cavaliere be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at

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28 Responses

  1. Handsome Van says:

    Hey Jeff. Out of curiosity, about how many calories is all that? It seems like it would put you in a surplus but I also don't know your height and weight. I watched another video where you explained that you can lose fat and build muscle at the same time but you must be in a caloric deficit and positive nitrogen balance…

  2. Josh Booth says:

    you need to work out waaaaaaaaaaay more than three quarters of an hour dude….

  3. scoopaway1 says:

    Good man for sure!  LOVE  the passion in regards to adopting!

  4. Mmmm pumpkin oatmeal

  5. Hanutej Sahu says:

    9:34 You're approaching the 2M mark, Jeff.

  6. Athelstan says:

    dude you're at 1.9 million now

  7. Well done for the shout out for rescue dogs. So many abandoned animals need homes. Compassion for others is a strength in itself.

  8. Thomas Jones says:

    what about drinking favoured water and fruit juice. Is that as good as plain water

  9. can you please make vidéo about how to change front genetically endomorphic to mesomorph please I'll be really helpful if you do

  10. Peter Dee says:

    You're a farken champ mate. Amazing work.

  11. Ninja Burger says:

    Can we swap lives please. Your life literally sounds like God crafted it with his fingers and put more effort into it then he did into Adam.

  12. See PlusPlus says:

    Thanks for everything Jeff! Proud to be a member of your team Athlean! Wish you all the best for 2M! You're gettin' there!

  13. DJRefive says:

    Very inspiring!

  14. Ryan Deffley says:

    Skim milk? You're awesome Greg but I don't know how you drink that crap. Whole milk is the ONLY milk worth drinking, However, couldn't agree more on keeping workouts to 45-60 minutes. Full body strength/conditioning is where it's at!

  15. 6 little kids now, congrats jeff

  16. For health reasons, I am 100% vegan, and it has been working. I have gotten rid of a lot of bad ailments. I understand that I might never develop muscles as I should, but the trade off is well worth it. Do you have a meal plan for this type of diet. BTW, I am 68 y/o. Just discovered you and I am passing the word to others, they are all over 50 y/o. Thanks…good job!

  17. James Carson says:

    Great video Jeff, consistency is key!

  18. Trey Weeks says:


  19. UTBaller22 says:

    The one thing I have never understood about Athean-X is their are no proportions. People have several different appetites. For example, I could eat one egg white and be good until lunch, which obviously I don't do because I would be the size of a toothpick. I have to force myself to eat the food I need to gain muscle. However, my dad is a completely different story, he could eat a whole carton of eggs and still be hungry. Therefore, whenever he started the diet program he ended up gaining weight because he would eat about 4 of those and the instructions said to not count calories. I am one of those people that will be strict as I need to be with my food, but just need exact guidance of what how much I should be eating.

  20. Nikosman001 says:

    Omg watch this video at 0,5 speed hahahahaha hilarious x'D Jeff you are awesome thou man! One of the best channels for workout and fitness on Youtube!

  21. Tayyab Akram says:

    You're welcome!

  22. You're such an inspiration Jeff! You're able to manage your life effectively and I like the fact that you're a no nonsense type of guy!

  23. barakau says:

    "Best in Business"…but no App for your program 🙁 …standing in a gym, looking at my browser to try follow your program = wasting time = intensity lost.

  24. thats alot of shakes…..

  25. drokky1234 says:

    i was told that working out too late is bad for ur muscle's is that true ?? i meen like 8:00pm and after :)?

  26. DarkSaint411 says:

    I love your videos Jeff

  27. DANY theYAG says:

    What bread does Jeff use for the Cajun chicken wrap?

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