Top 7 Muscle Gaining Exercises — Old School Version

1 crazy tip to build ripped muscle:

Hi, its Mike Chang here and I want to go into detail for you about the 7 BEST muscle building exercises.

It’s important that you know how to do all of these exercises because they pack muscle onto your body faster than anything else you could do in the gym. And in this video I’m going to show you exactly what the best muscle gaining exercises are, and how to do each one with expert-level form.

The seven best muscle building exercises are:

1.Bench press
2.Bent over rows
4.Military press
5.Straight bar curls / Triceps extension

Hope you had a great work, and remember to always stick with proper form and do the full range of motion on each exercise.

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40 Responses

  1. Sam Dawkins says:

    Anyone got any opinions on d-bal?

  2. Paul Wragg says:


  3. - Drak - says:

    wonder why I can only do bench press with bar only if I add weights I lose balance and I just can't do it

  4. I always read "do so many reps, so many sets", but you never say… how many times a week to workout each muscle.
    One or two?????

  5. BARBELLS always gives you more strength and size.
    Not the Smith Machine.

  6. Cs go & More says:

    What to do in gym what is the necessary things how continuous to do

  7. watched it this morning, applied it in my evening workout…just got home…best workout ever… I usually did isolation exercises and recently I ve been watching all these videos talking about compound exercises and stuff, that they are the best way to gain muscle..don't really know :P

  8. G0DL3SSx says:

    ill tried the exercises today and i need to say…. FUUUCK the workout killed me :D

  9. you should workout slowly man that's too fast bro

  10. what's the best way to breath while doing thses

  11. and the squats he is doing are only half squats. is it that hard to show a proper workout for 1M subscribers ? put some effort, dude

  12. jesus christ what a bullshit 😀 dont look at him doing deadlifts and barbell curls. hes doing them wrong

  13. Ijaz Ali says:

    I wonder if u have made ur body just by exercising for sake of these videos

  14. Doop says:

    eh this was uploaded in 2011 nowway it works still.

  15. miss yu mike ..(:

  16. I think there should be some guidance with regards what weights to use according to your fitness level.

  17. Max Jama says:

    somebody HELP ME!!! I want to do this but cant go to the gym!!! what excersise can you do at home?!!!!

  18. Would you recommend me doing all those exercises in the same trip or split them up in different days? Thank you for the info. I just got a gym membership

  19. Suicide grip, nice. Train like a boss!

  20. 1flare says:

    im just sad i never heard him saying to warm up before and or after the work out =( i see all of his vids

  21. Do i can get a Afterburn effect with these exercises?

  22. Ebenezer G. says:

    His deadlift form though ???? It is not a squat bro

  23. Christian A says:

    Yo what's that weird metal contraption attached to the king of lifts the bench press at 0:51?

  24. The hardest ones that I wanna just get over are the bicep curls and military press. If you do these like he says, with posture and complete motion, then you might want to rethink the amount you actually put on the bar. Remember, it's better if you do them correctly than sitting off more than you can chew.

  25. Dwayne Lewis says:

    man dat shit looks painfull lol 😞😞😞😞

  26. Can someone tell me what reps and sets are? I am new to all of this body building stuff and plan to start working out but need some help. Thanks in advance

  27. check this out this weight gaining workout

  28. If you guys are being actually serious (willing to change your diet, daily routine etc;) I would recommend doing research on how your body puts nutrients into your muscles and other areas, why your muscles get bigger, what muscles do what, how/why your body uses/places fat in the first place, and maybe looking at a figure of your body's muscles (with names) to see for example you do a arm stretch; what muscles are you pulling and which are you not.

    If you're really invested (as I said) spend time to do ACTUAL research on how your body works, this will help you to get what you want, where you want it, and how much work you need to do to do it. Trust me, when I was younger I was into science and learning (I didn't like school though), so I did research in neurology, biology, etc; this knowledge gave me a good body build(I didn't want it big)and I know how you think, what hormones you produce, etc; I can stay in relation ships, and get in relationships easily because of this knowledge.

  29. i need to start working out to get fit

  30. dab life says:

    This nigga don't even lift, must be an informative video for girls.

  31. Baker zahwi says:

    hey im eating alot to get muscles and working out with big weights but im getting fat not buff !! what did i do wrong?

  32. thanks Mike for your videos they have help me out

  33. J White says:

    Half reps on the military press

  34. TheGabrielPT says:

    Let's be honest, every guy (even if 14 or 35) works out with one single goal: Impress/get girls.

  35. hi this is a awesome workout…but shall i do this daily…i am trying to lose my belly fat…and want to shape my body by building can you please tell me that i can try this workout daily?

  36. you mentioned going low enough on your squat, you need to brake parallel.

  37. Im Doing The Same Thing, but dont see myself gaining ANYTHING.

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