My Entire Cutting Plan

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21 Responses

  1. AnimMuscle says:

    Why do you consume 50 grams of fats only?

    You need more fats for your hormones mate

    I am cutting atm and I consume 75 Fats 150 Proteins 200 Carbs.

    Before I consumed around 50 grams of fats as well and I can tell you that my T levels are much higher than before (harder erections, higher libido, etc etc)

  2. Vince Aro says:

    Refeed days are basically cheat days right?

  3. joeyh v says:

    im an ectomorph..cutting is not hard for me.but i could allways use more info

  4. Josh Cullum says:

    PAHAHAHAHAHA fuck me why have I only just seen the South Park bit 😂😂

  5. WolFGamer says:

    Rob do you change the amount of protein or fat you're taking after a while? or just carbs?

  6. Mario G says:

    even though i do fitness for quite a long time now.. if i was new to the whole thing and i wanted information on how to set and reach my goals, this video wouldve helped me a ton. really gotta say well done and u seem to be a really likable guy aswell.
    good job

  7. tom C says:

    I'm confused, for cutting is the lowest amount of calories he will ever go too 2300 or will he reduce those calories as his weight drops?

  8. Perfect explanations!

  9. Pav bath says:

    Big tune in the back ground! Listen to Chris rivers freestyle over this beat. Big puns son….

  10. Justin Lam says:

    ni CCCCCCCC eee

  11. C. Crosbie says:

    when counting calories do you have to be very precise, for example my target calorie intake is 2500 a day but sometimes i hit 2600 will that fuck up my diet

  12. That light night craving advice though >>>>> Love the tips! Do you recommend having a set "end date" for your cut? Or does it not really matter? I feel like having a set end date is good because then you have something to strive towards and hold you accountable…

  13. far out great video mate!

  14. Mullenation says:

    Thanks for the video brotha!! Straight and to the point.

  15. Can you help me with something? I'm a Nurse and have to do shift work including nights and I find it so hard to stick to my macros when in doing nights can you give me helps as to what to do in these cases? Cheers :)

  16. Daniel says:

    Lol I think ive offically binge watched the majority of your video's. Just sad i didn't find you sooner haha so insightful and helpful its crazy!

  17. great run-through. question: do you change your calorie intake on rest days?

  18. NICE!

    Thanks this was really helpful!

  19. tenchu006 says:

    Thank you mate!

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