Super Quick 4 Minute Plank Workout – Functional Fitness

Follow along with this quick 4 minute workout of plank variants, then watch tutorials for each exercise for instruction on proper form and technique. Exercises include the isometric forearm plank, the plank march, thread the needle, advanced plank to plank, and the wacky jack plank.

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2 Responses

  1. Some voice overs would be helpful!

  2. Kaylan says:

    TCM,I do worry about accurate info being provided. such what sorts of health issues may be involved and how to prevent/aviod such issues. I have family in NC and have seen some of the sex-ed 2nd hand and at least in NC that do not seem to give any practical information about safe X. I dont expect this to as much of an issue in NJ, but it is an issue. There is a strong correlation between abstinence only education and increases in teen pregnancy and disease tr.Snmissiosanorry about the thread-jack, back RE and what not

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