Quick/Easy 45 minute daily workout routine

SUP ERYBODY! This is my “Daily” (or days I feel like I need a workout) Routine! I’m super lazy most days but when i’m motivated and inspired to get moving this is what my Go-To workout plan is! I play some bumpin songs and have fun with my work outs, I encourage you to do the same!

Dont forget to #HASHTAG #SimplyShanalee on any tips/tricks or idea’s I’ve inspired you to try! I’d LOVE to see what you all have spent time on! Much love Xo MUAHHHHHS 😉


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Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial:

Sexy & Classy Red Lip (Affordable!)

Rihanna MetGala 2015 inspired look!

How I personally Cream Contour!


April: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ug_Su…
May: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-urah…

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Frequently asked ?:
Contacts: Freshlook color blends-green & sterling grey
Ethnicity: 100% Puerto Rican
Age: 20
Location: NY
Camera: Canon Rebel T3i

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36 Responses

  1. Im going to try this out and see what happens. Thanks for the video~!

  2. tht last roll on floor ws really funny..u did grt ☺

  3. im gonna try this

  4. vernea p says:

    what is you ethnicity??

  5. how tall are you?

  6. omg this makes me wanna work out lmao. but just wondering are you still in school? since you said you do it at 9:45 haha

  7. Saron Ermias says:

    den cheese balls in the background 😂😂😍💀

  8. Kiana Davis says:

    Omg I hate working out too. I can do it I just suck at committing to it because I hate it so. But its good to know you don't count I was like is this a requirement???

  9. my nephew thinks this video is so funny

  10. These are literally all the exercises i would do when i exercised at home. these work so well in keeping you slimmed down. good way to slim down and strengthen your arms is doing some simple dumb bell lifts, like 10 lb ones. awesome vid!

  11. Can you do more fitness and eating videos

  12. you're perfect! you just gave me motivation.

  13. Amelya says:

    Did u get your abs by just doing this everyday? Because I'd like to get abs like yours. :)

  14. your so pretty i wish i could be like you but anyways im so glad you made this 

  15. Are those cheesy poofs in the background lol

  16. Alexa says:

    I love this video! That's how I roll when I work out, no reps just do it till it hurts lol..

  17. Joyce Lin says:

    do you do more than this? like also attend the gym, or do you only do the work out showed!

  18. can you do a skin care routine :-)

  19. I'm so glad that I found your youtube channel! Your are incredibly beautiful and above that you have the most captivating personality ever. I have been loving to see all of your videos and I really do thing that you are going to go a long way on youtube. ♥ 
    I'm sorry if my english is very bad but I'm from Portugal!!

  20. girl blussh says:

    cool workout  ❤

  21. oh my god I love you so much 

  22. keeysi says:

    great workout when I don't have time to hit gym i do yoga x love it

  23. yazyh says:

    Actually this was a pretty good workout routine. very simple and efficient. without knowing you incorporated high intensity interval training.

  24. ana sanchez says:

    Heyy 😁😁 do you think you could do a makeup tutorial on this make up look? Would sooo appreciate it ! https://instagram.com/p/6frLyfnGvf/ p.s love yaaa 😍

  25. I had back surgery earlier this year so I'm slightly limited on what workouts I can do, but I think most of this routine will work for me! V glad you uploaded this 🙂 thank you! x

  26. Anais Belle says:

    AHHH im so happy you did this! I'm the girl who snapped you asking you for one and here it is💕💕💕 thank youu!

  27. Tara S says:

    OMG GIRL CRUSH haha. What a woman <3

  28. I'm the exact same way! I measure my workout by the song/mix. I feel like counting adds more pressure.

  29. sooooo funny i love you <3

  30. ur body is so prefect ❤

  31. Mira World says:

    Think I am gonna try to do this at home as well. Not a big fan of working out either xx

  32. love Your vídeos get excited everytime you upload:))

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