Ab workout for women – 4 Mins Abs Workouts

Perform this workout every second day (e.g. Mon-Wed-Fri) for at least two weeks. Then you’ll be ready to perform the next level of this workout.

All muscle exercises can be performed by both sexes since many scientific studies have demonstrated that there are no substantial anatomical differences between men and women.

4 Min Ab workout for women are only a “variant” of 8 Min Abs workout, and as you can see it’s performed by women trainer ( Belen 😉 But everybody can use it exact like 8 min……

Anyway don’t worry, next week we will relase also 4 Min performed by a man trainer and also 8 min abs performed by a women..

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35 Responses

  1. xAliichanx says:

    My friend got really good results from just 3 months doing this every day so im very excited to see my results as well

  2. Lily Maxwell says:

    What makes this workout specifically for women? I think you've confused the word 'women' with 'beginners'.

  3. Sidal A says:

    How many times should I do it in day to see a different in short time????

  4. works for me great i did it 5 times today and it was my first time and i already see changes and i can feel my abbs are hard :)


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  7. huy ta says:

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  8. Sara M says:

    I've start doing this exercise.

  9. alex liliana says:

    beendoing the normal version for a while, this one seems very easy to me after that

  10. roshni khati says:

    Day how many time I have to do?one time or two time

  11. Where can I find the next level?

  12. Noura BARRAA says:

    It's actually a great workout for abs …thank you ! 

  13. To build up a ripped abs, you will not need any kind of tough diet program or doing the difficult workouts, you possibly can achieve it less difficult than you think. The key is eating the right food & doing the correct workouts

  14. Hey xhit! I'm not near a gym, so I don't really have access to weights, and I was wondering if you could post a workout video of arm workouts without the use of any weights. I really want super toned arms for the summer dresses and bikinis I was hoping to wear this summer. I would really appreciate it, thank you!!!! 

  15. Delphin E says:

    This is just the version for lazy people. I suggest the normal 8 mins abs workout for both gender. This workout is not tuff enough to change your body !

  16. I like it.I'm workout at home.

  17. javlinkz says:

    Oh my.. The women surely can do the same as the regular ab exercises. This is like child exercises

  18. please what is the next workout????

  19. shoriothos says:

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  21. Just because its for women doesn't mean is has to be so easy. goodness this is nothing

  22. nabab24 says:

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  23. TheAbStand says:

    Lot of women out there find it hard to find the time to squeeze in a ab workout. This short 4 minute workout would be great for them.

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  28. I love this one. thank you. :)

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  30. Mirza Baig says:

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