Post Workout Meal for Champions (Cooking Tutorial)

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44 Responses

  1. which oil did u use for cookin?

  2. u always have shredded onion in naylon bag ready to serve do u put it the fridge or freezer ? how much it will last fresh ?

  3. JACK RM says:

    Brendan, What do you eat on your rest days?

  4. Miss Jarcan says:

    I bet,it's not that really tasty…especially the taste of avocado…

  5. Misty Ross says:

    Looks delicious! I'll try without the eggs extra avocados! <3 me some avocados!

  6. I thought White rice was whole wheat. and whole wheat is full of fat?? No protein. And the slightest bit of carbs??

  7. Tell me its not canola oil you put in that pan

  8. Hrishi Baney says:

    CalAsthetics is the whole package huh!
    Beast Gains, Knowledge, and a Chef 😉
    Great video :D

  9. Minjun Kim says:

    He was so happy about tomatoes it's creepy HAHAHA Love your videos Brendan!

  10. Be careful of keeping that white rice mate! It's one of the most deadliest foods to store after its cooked! 😱

  11. Genie Hound says:

    Hi Brendan what fruits do u eat ?

  12. how do u keep track of ur macros

  13. i do you workout abs but i cant do it all at once so i take a lot of breaks,i mean your video is 6 – 7 min long and i am done at 15-20 min 🙂 what can u tell me about that? :)

  14. Bryan Eng says:

    Does he do intermittent fasting?

  15. MindsCorrupt says:

    no seasoning whatsoever… incredible

  16. Miku W says:

    Hey ,

    do u think it is necessary to split up pull/push days? never did that since 2 years. Almost working out Bodyweight only…

  17. Chris Lian says:

    Hey Brendan, can you make a video on building mass with calisthenics? What training should I do? How many calories should i take in a day?

  18. Keeping every ingredient ready in those plastic bags is smart.

    Also… im chasing avocado and spinach for a long time and just cant fking find it in stores or groceries…

  19. Tbessix220 says:

    Where is the protein?? 2 Eggs it's just 12grams of proteins

  20. zeyad wahid says:

    Hi brendan i was doing pull ups and my wrist made a sound and i continued training as i didnt feel the pain and when i woke up my wrist was painfull what should i do pleas answer brendan

  21. Grinz Proqea says:

    hey brendan

    im training so i can do a l-sit but i cant hold my legs straight do you know something so i can hold them the right way?

  22. _Thorax _ says:

    hi Brendan.can you plz upload leg exercise after knee injuries? Ty

  23. DrReagge says:

    Hey Brendan are u allergic to any foods or anything like Histamins,Latex or Lactose?

  24. what is your body fat percentage?

  25. What oil do you use?olive oil?cooking oil?

  26. Kit Nawahine says:

    why when you're at the bottom u always reply but now no more replies

  27. finn8976 says:

    hey brendan what should i take to school to eat because i cant really cook stuf at school, should i take rice or … ?

  28. Trey Goins says:

    Ok I have a question hopefully you got the answer I'm in high school and football season is literally here and everyone tells me your power comes from you legs so I was wondering if there was any kind of work out I could do at home to make them stronger bc I know there is always room for improvement and oh yea hurry and release the new merchandise for sale can't wait any longer man

  29. ray2 timz says:

    do u have a girlfriend

  30. SUZUKIRYDER1 says:

    This guy could do it all , cook, sing(maybe lol jk love you bmeyers), motivates you, posts amazing vids, etc….

  31. hahaha "IM A CLASSIC MAN" funnny af

  32. exactly my kinda meal! You and your onions tho :') every bloody meal, add some onions! haha… big ups!

  33. roi iluz says:

    looking good 
    thank you
    its good to eat that like 
    after the workout?
    thank you 
    go big!

  34. Aeryah2431 says:

    Man i can't imagine how much you cried when you prepared this onion bag xD
    Love you chanel ! keep it real, you love your life this is the most important example of success you give me ! 
    CYA BRO ! <3 :D

  35. Hey quick question I am able to c my ribs and to be honest I think it's gross sometimes I'm afraid to take my shirt off at the beach it's so gross iv been trying to eat more but I feel like nothing's.working what do I do

  36. henk jekel says:

    Keep doing cooking tutorials Brendan!!!!!!! Awesome, !!!!

  37. obiwashere says:

    i know it's healthy but that meal looks like it tastes like crap. no seasoning at least? no salt? pepper? flavor?

  38. Goku Senpai says:

    how can I get cut lats like yours?

  39. Brody Gatson says:

    Thanks Brendan great vid I was wondering how long you've been with Mia?

  40. leoncourtney says:

    Is it what you eat for dinner or after your workout? It seems so heavy ahah

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