Starting My Fitness Journey – Workout Plan, Diet, Motivation & Fitness Goals | #FinalStartFitness 01

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32 Responses

  1. Stick to it! I've been struggling with weight since I've been young! As of this week I lost 50lbs this year! Hard YES! Worth it YAAAASSS! 😉 I have a long way to go with toning & about to start uploading videos myself! Stay motivated

  2. Maria V says:

    How is it going? u posted this like almost a month ago.Did u keep up with working out 3 times a week ?

  3. nay nay says:

    I understand where you coming from, I'll start but then I'll give up on myself so let's do this!! I'm with you. and I came from your husband channel, he is the best

  4. So excited for your journey! I wish you the best. It'll be hard at times, but being healthier will be worth it! Good luck! So proud of you!

  5. Maria V says:

    wich videos u doing on your journey ? Just keep pushing and yes u gonna have days where u feel like giving up or where u feel like u don.t move forward.It happens embrace it and move on.I went from xxxl to medium size but it took me several years to get there.Keep on moving

  6. Just subscribed to your channel!!! I'm ready to start this journey with you!!!! 💪💪 Let's do it!!!

  7. Frank Koshel says:

    Your attitude and honesty are very impressive! Good luck!

  8. presdonna says:

    Thanks for your inspiration, Tiffany!

  9. thanks so much. i have a question for you. i work out with millionaire hoy. any hair tips. i sweat out relaxers like crazy

  10. Love this, Tiffany! 😃

  11. Lydia Mueni says:

    Tiffany,looking forward to see u as u progress u have the best workout partner!

  12. I am so excited for you! 🤗 I love that you and Mill are doing collab videos on this. Maybe I can get my husband to join in on some of them with me.
    I live on MyFitnessPal. If you get an account to track your food, totally add me! Tibby531. ✌️️
    Congratulations on taking this major step toward a better life! Take it slow, do it right, and keep the weight off for good. You're worth it, I promise. ❤️

  13. Yes !!!! I have been following your husbands page for years now, he helped me become a fitter person, I am exited to see your journey.

  14. 27Dupree27 says:


  15. angel d says:

    Are you going to post your exercise sessions

  16. angel d says:

    I am with you. I do your husband's videos. Once I have completed my workout I am going put done in the comment section. I will also follow you on Instagram

  17. sashlav04 says:

    Hi Tiffany! I started my final fitness journey in April. I love your husband's workouts. I'm glad to follow your journey. Let's do this.

  18. I'm in with you ♡♡♡ let's do this!!! #finalstartfitness #letsgetfit

  19. Looking forward to starting this #finalstartfitness with you! -Anita :)

  20. I'm starting for the final time with you! Bringing in the new year healthy & happy!

  21. Congrats and good luck, it will be easy with Mill close to you:-)

  22. All the best on your fitness journey!! You can do it!!

  23. YumYucky says:

    Congrats on your new journey Tiffany!

  24. i need this ! thank u !!

  25. I kinda teared up you really spoke to me. Excited to see you on your journey I am on mine too. Much success

  26. Awesome! Looking forward too seeing your fitness journey and success.

  27. Adam Elmral says:

    Best of luck, never give up

  28. I found your channel through your husbands and had to subscribe.  I am so happy I found you.  I am on a weight loss journal myself and have been using youtube as a support system.  I am looking forward to seeing more of your videos.  Thanks for sharing

  29. Happy for you sweetie! Cheering you on!😘😘😘

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