4 Week Challenge Workout – Total Body Workout to get you in Shape and Feeling Great

First total body workout of my 4 week challenge! No equipment workout. Complete workout with options for beginners to advanced.

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40 Responses

  1. Preet Bajaj says:

    i hav to do all these exercises everyday for one month.?

  2. Hi, can you tell me if you know how many calories should the body burn in this workout ?

  3. Brenda Downs says:

    Where do I find all the challenge information? I am assuming week one is done for one week and then move to week 2 etc. or is there more? Thank you

  4. Yen Nguyen says:

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  5. S.Hassan says:

    #day1 hardly did it for 20 mins hopefully by end of this week I ll be able to do full 40 mins. My target is 6 Weeks. I tried many workouts but this is killing me I loved it! 😩 Thanks Amy

  6. djstalling says:

    Do I do this everyday for a week or every other day or how?

  7. Be Be Aminah says:

    hey what's up but I'm asking about food what should u eat and what shouldn't u eat plz reply
    thx xx😘

  8. AubreCanPlay says:

    I'm twelve will this effect how long this will take to work

  9. Ana Mishra says:

    what if I start 2nd week workout first and than practice for first week challenge ..b'coz my muscles are not enough strong for pushups ..

  10. sonam mishra says:

    i m beginer and i cant complete the full video i stop in15-20 min so what can i do

  11. That workout was soo hard even though 90% of the time I only did the low intensity exercises 🙁 But I made it through!

  12. Amy my leg hurts ,should I stop!?

  13. Janice Ruiz says:

    Just found this workout. Love it. How many time each week? Every day?

  14. Vedaloable says:

    Gooood workout, thank you :)

  15. Jo Ma'k says:

    So do we do this everyday for a week?

  16. thank you this was what i needed :)

  17. I love these. Thank you for making them available, Amy!!

  18. ShaTae Evans says:

    Great work out second day week one Abs on fire at the end !!!! Love it !!!

  19. I love this workout so much!!! The best workout ever

  20. love it…wow ur body😍😍😍👍

  21. hi ammy really loved all the videos. thanks for sharing.

  22. Please, make sure that our your clock work the same way

  23. Is this a workout for every day for a week? Thank you

  24. Emily Kim says:

    Please add more workout challenges. Love them!

  25. priya 040410 says:

    ur so sweet n beautiful .ur voice too ! nice workout tooo

  26. nubiana75 says:

    I'm confused… are we supposed to do that everyday for 4 weeks?…

  27. Do I do this workout everyday?

  28. You mentioned you teach boxing classes! How about showing us some of those Amy :)

  29. dianezhi says:

    Is this day one? Or week one? Is this supposed to be done every day for the first week?

  30. LeRoy says:

    ooops I found it

  31. LeRoy says:

    Where's workout #2???

  32. Amazing! Awesome Job, Loved it!

  33. How many calories is this workout burning?

  34. i still want to do this but this is a year ago.. how many times in a week should i do this workout??

  35. this looks like it might be awesome. Are there rest days in each week?

  36. Weiwei Hsu says:

    Love and enjoy this!!

  37. i loved this work out

  38. sana hbs says:

    Am skinny, shall i do this workout :/ ?!!

  39. AsMaine says:

    I'm going to use these 4 week challenges when I can't go outside to do my walk/jog/run regiment! I've did boxing, trainer's, been to school, still in, for proper exercise, ect., but I have started, and stopped so many times, but this time I've taken everything I've learned and formed a exercise regiment that fits my lifestyle. No stopping, no excuses this time, I know what to do, on my own, and I will! I'm so ready for those days the weather is to bad to do these workouts!

  40. Ay Tsoi says:

    My legs are hurting sooooo much after the day I finished this workout🔥

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