RIDA KASHIPOVA – Fitness Model: Gym Training – тренажерный зал @ Russia

cиловые тренировки упражнения и подготовку к гипертрофии и определение мышц по RIDA KASHIPOV. Примеры женских бодибилдинг тренировок для различных групп мышц, таких как грудь, ягодицы, ноги и руки.

Weight training exercises and training for hypertrophy and muscle definition by RIDA KASHIPOVA. Examples of female bodybuilding workouts for various muscle groups such as chest, buttocks, legs and arms.

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20 Responses

  1. фитоняшка, которая не в состоянии подтянуться без помощи тренажера :)))

  2. Lion Heart says:

    she dont have nothing.all naked girls are not beautiful .now a days any girls put naked workiut and shown themself fitness model bullshit

  3. What the fuck is she doing on that treadmill? Everything this slut does is for posing purposes. Maybe that's why she has no fucking gains.

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  7. first last says:

    building only works your under belly area nothing else casue gravity . up above

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  9. Cmd Ctrl says:

    shitty music = fail

  10. Megan xoxo says:

    Cycling in a bikini. As you do.

  11. Reel MM says:

    that guy 4:30 couldn't help himself haha

  12. what is the name of the song start from 1:02

  13. Edward Peter says:

    with those girls at gym i could be motivated

  14. Fucking shallow superficial attentionwhores, obsessed cunts with bloatet ego's…and these freaks are considered rolemodels by some? if people need rolemodels lke this they can have themselves a nice squat and shit one out…

  15. reyaz22 says:

    you go girl. I miss working out like this.

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