QUICK HIIT WORKOUT – just 4 minutes and suitable for every fitness level.l t

Quick 4 minute hiit workout suitable for every fitness level and ideal for beginners to hiit. And this is day 24 from my January’s Challenge, so grab your trainers and let’s get going.
Lucy xx

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10 Responses

  1. Zuuzizuu says:

    Uuh, feeling so good after this workout;) I would really like to see a workout for good posture;) Like some easy and quick moves like you did for the bust which can be done every day. Btw I have been doing bust exercises almost every day and I think I can see the results;)

  2. Thank you this workout. I really loved it! ❤🤗 #hitthenewyear #lucussquad

  3. Sarah Govier says:

    This was great. Pushed myself to do harder moves and managed them better than I expected. Until my ankle kinda gave way when I was doing high knee run on the spot. I hurt it just over a year ago when I was jogging and I've noticed it likes to give way when doing these styles moves. Is there anyway to strengthen it? Should I do a few ankle rolls before I start to warm it up? X

  4. Gemma 1 says:

    This is my kind of workout!! 👌🏼👊🏼👍🏼💪🏼🙅🏼

  5. Completed! Pushed myself to not rely on the modified moves and I surprised myself and did well! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication for your Lucy's Squad! 🙌💪😊

  6. I ended up caving and got Taco-bell today, this video came in handy! I'm gonna binge and do all the January challenges today! Thanks!!

  7. Is it good or bad if you workout multiple times a day. Eg morning midday and evening

  8. Such a helpful vid thanks lucy

  9. Love you so much please reply xxx

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