Female Fitness Motivation – Pump Up Girls (2016)

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40 Responses

  1. Hey awesome video. I like what you're doing. Kinda new as a youtuber so I like watching videos from ppl with more experience. I got some stuff up like this but still need to work on my game. If you get a chance I could use some tips on how I'm doing so far. But either way keep on rockin!

  2. what is this music

  3. Yes wow please subscibe to my channels ok

  4. uhuh says:

    they need to lose weight

  5. Manash Datta says:

    nice remix and butts

  6. The women on the beach definitely has implants. It's physically impossible to have an ass that big and a waist that small.

  7. what machine is that at 1:13

  8. no 26 segundos e parte de uma mulher do filme porno hahaha falo pq eu sei.

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  10. Indrid Cold says:

    The girl at the beach did not look fit at all.

  11. fap fap fap

    well, that was a good motivational video
    and i feel vary sleepy

  12. Coca Cola says:

    0:25 lmao thats from a porn

  13. Jack Phone says:

    เท่าที่สังเกตุ..รู้สึกว่ามึงจะถ่ายนมกับตูดซะมากกว่านะ อีห่า

  14. Michael Bull says:

    the blonde girl has a nice core workout

  15. the song is… "Sia's Cheap Thrills ft. Sean Paul"
    its really really beautiful song, every1 shud watch this…

  16. Is this motivation for women or men?

  17. Animals love these women…wherever the go they followed

  18. Ajay Kmr says:

    fantastic body

  19. kathem !? says:

    عمي صيحو وياي كمان كمان خايبين كمان 😂😂😂😂😍

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    Booty building Channel. Best fitness girls, beautiful woman and incresible female workout you can see here.

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  21. pimbam says:

    Gummibrüschte? Silikontitten!

  22. galaxyhajime says:

    so female motivation =ass=sex..
    women = sex uuhh isee

  23. To je loša erotika.

  24. My down muscle is so motivated now

  25. Moon Shine says:

    2nd woman fake booty…😬

  26. Halle Balle says:

    i like how this video only shows asses like that is the only thing you can be fit in like you can show abs instead of asses you know that right? fucking stupid

  27. Yash says:

    what is the name of the song

  28. did u all see Kendra lust!!!!

  29. sarah j. says:

    if I did any of these exercises at my gym I'd be getting the stare down from both males and females, for different reasons

  30. Seth Fury says:

    Name or thé girls fist picture ?

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