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Set GOALS in your life and ACCOMPLISH them, always give the best of yourself and MOTIVATE the ones around you.

We don’t lift weights or use supplements. We train calisthenics & weighted calisthenics and only eat homemade food! No protein shakes etc. 100% NATURAL.

Music brought to you by Elysian Records and KVN!
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Tracks used: Call me, KVN – Ocarina, Coco butter, Eleven, Outer Space, Revolve & Silver

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46 Responses

  1. Training & Nutrition Program & MERCHANDISE!

    Check our new YouTube channel:

  2. will i see fast result with this routine? like in 30 days let's say?

  3. Is it bad to do the same workout routine for a long time?

  4. diego ocampo says:

    i need the clothes men

  5. yahya otaku says:

    Thank you a lot bro

  6. Jeg vil gerne have det tøj

  7. Vince ranara says:

    Pick me plssss!!!!! 💐💐💐💐💐💪💪💪💪

  8. my arm is bigger but this guy is more functional with his body and is stronger

  9. Man Red says:

    Dear Chris… I would give my self a better rating than intermediate. Do you think this workout would be beneficial for me if I increase the the sets/ reps… Or should I do another workout?

  10. ashok kumar says:

    can we rest between each workout?

  11. Jj Jing says:

    Belly fats is real. How can i help myself?

  12. Sixtelenius says:

    pls pick me, i've just beggined with calisthenics and i love it.

  13. Jose Margo says:

    His baby face is so cute 😀

  14. hey bro i am from india please upload video how to squats please

  15. You Can do a screenshot and cute the workout program

  16. Afiq Yusof says:

    how to lose belly fat

  17. neeraj kunte says:

    good video… motivating

  18. Shubham Rai says:

    where can I get that workout

  19. roshan sunny says:

    Hi i am a indian by watching u r vedio change my sports i am boxer now i want to became a calisthenics this cmnt not for aiming your gift bye if u like me plz give reply

  20. aqprider says:

    Huge like! Subscribed!

  21. You should bulk up dude!

  22. How much trainings per week? Is 3 times ok?

  23. now this is what an natural physique looks like, good job mate!

  24. beatboxlike says:

    the first exercise (negative muscle ups) is 1 rep not to little ? and than so many time to rest 140 sex
    when i do 4 of them or 2 of them and than the 140 sec rest is it ok too ?

  25. I want this clothes so badly,it's a very beautiful equipement

  26. Ward Dolfin says:

    Why you have to rest that long between reps?? You are complete Cooled down in that 140 seconds. Plzz reply

  27. new to calistenics so far loving it

  28. Ekene Obiago says:

    his UPPER CHEST doesn't look full enough

  29. Manny S says:

    This routine looks like it would last 2 hours lol

  30. the best channel in youtube

  31. Al G says:

    this kid is doing a great job. His explanations are very easy to understand and to follow. Great for whoever needs to get started with calisthenics. Good job!

  32. Hi, can you tell me some good playlists with trap music to listen when working out?
    I know this is unusual question, but I was wondering maybe i get your opinion!

    Thank you!

  33. I would like the prize

  34. man give the giveaway to me coz i m in need of it becoz ur video inspired me

  35. Da Ki says:

    you are the best

  36. speedy2023 says:

    I've been a fan since your transformation, back when it was called bar brothers

  37. You are insane Mr.Awesome

  38. calisthenics please pick me.. I love watching your videos and I myself am trying to get fit and the clothes would be awesome to have!!!!!!!!!!!!! please pick me

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