7 Exercises to SCULPT Your Arms | Arm & Boob Workout for Women | Abby Pollock

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Dumbbell seated Arnold press 3×8 (SS)
Push up hops 3×12
Seated front to lateral raise 3×12 (SS)
Dumbbell pullovers 3×12
Single arm bent over row 3×8 (reps per side) (SS)
Inverted push up 3×12
Tricep push up 3×12 (SS)
Seated dumbbell curl 3×12

(Sets) x (Reps) (Rest)
SS = superset

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Today I’m breaking down the science behind which exercises help sculpt your arms and burn stubborn fat. Inspired by Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner trainer, this arm workout for women will help lose back fat, get rid of bra fat bulge, and grow your boobs. I will be releasing a follow up nutrition video later this week. Stay tuned for that!

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25 Responses

  1. Abby Pollock says:

    WHAT'S UP WHAT'S UP EARLY SQUAD! Isn't this workout insane? 🙀 I want to step these vids up a notch with a CHALLENGE!! Here's what you gotta do:

    1) Comment below with #tfnfam
    2) KEEP CHECKING 4 A REPLY…I'm gonna be selecting a few subs from here and Instagram (@ampollo) to help me with an upcoming video

    (***Follow @ampollo and turn on post notifications – then comment on my next post to enter***)

  2. Hi Abby great video, could you do one on no butt progress, I workout glutes 3 times a week, my butt is bigger but still quite flat, I do the hip thrust, cable pullovers, circuit training… I have an office 9-5 job, maybe I don't activate my gluteus properly? or could be the diet.. i have no idea, thank you

  3. RandomCat says:

    Podcast? Yes please!

  4. RandomCat says:

    I love your videos, that is all carry on😂😜

  5. Passion Doll says:

    #tfnfam 🤞🤘💪💪💪

  6. Abby just watched your snaps I would LOVE to be apart of your "buzz feed" video collab idea i think it's awesome!! Science, fun, quality truthful info coming from everyday people along with the likes of you (someone a little more known…😉) 💕🎥 Instagram: @tayseatsandtreats YouTube: Tays Eats and Treats

  7. Gnoix L.K. says:

    can you do one on side fat???

  8. I have crazy genetics and look like a linebacker when I lift heavy, but you're so right, I bulk up because of my crappy diet.

  9. Abby I would like to know if my 13 old son can start taking protein after work out , or is too young ?

  10. yess full work out description is the best thank you so much <3

  11. dldl says:

    Would love to see a podcast. Also loving that I can do this workout at home as I'm not a gym goer 💪🏼👌🏼🙂

  12. Why didnt you focus on triceps since there the stubborn fat is situated?

  13. KT & Keely says:

    #TFNFAM these exercises are so helpful, I suffer so much with arm fat, and you are so informative!

  14. Sandy Arthur says:

    lol I love the guy at the end…walk in, sees camera, slowly backs away XD

  15. Tasha Hebert says:

    Trying this tomorrow!

  16. I seriously love how you explain everything scientifically. It makes it so much easier to understand!

  17. Karen Ortiz says:

    Abby get your shit together!!

  18. Corrinne Mae says:

    Abby- where is your closed captioning? I'm missing out!!!

  19. Nancy Garcia says:

    Hi Abby, I never seem to get here on time which is unfortunate because I want you to see this comment. First, I want to thank you for motivating me to work out again, I'm going through a pretty hard time emotionally right now and you have raised my spirit by a significant amount, so thank you !!! I have one request, I wanted to know if there was any way that you could make videos where we can work out with you? I feel like this way a lot of us will actually get off our butts and move. I understand you are busy with University and your online community (which I'm on the waiting list for) but if there is any way you could make that happen it would be greatly appreciated.!!

  20. Nora Lights says:

    For how many minutes should I do each exercise? 🙂

  21. Hi Abby and fitfam 🙂 SOS – I get wrist pain while doing push-ups (or any other exercise in which they are extended). What would you recommend? I've tried some stretches I've been recommended but they didn't seem to work. Thanks!

  22. Mehdi Adel says:

    Hi Abby can you make a video about the red stretch marks, l got them from workout and feel really bad💝 love you, Nadin from Iraq

  23. kggonline says:

    most def do a podcast

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