RAMADAN (رمضان) FAT LOSS DIET PLAN! (Urdu / Hindi / Punjabi)

In Ramadhan, we often get off our DIET band vagon and stop exercising.

We can workout and follow a proper Diet plan to achieve results in RAMADHAN (رمضان).

This video will answer..WHAT TO EAT and WHEN TO EXERCISE?

Hope you like this video.

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Full Day Fat Loss Diet Plan:

Veg Fat Loss Diet Plan:

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22 Responses

  1. Allah bless you bro..😊😊

  2. Virgo Girl says:

    MashahAllah!!! Thank you so much

  3. my God ur amazing hats off 😊

  4. Thank you so much, this is very helpful. Though, we do not have sattu in England 😳

  5. Sarah Mughal says:

    fikar Na faka jutta da Kaka…LMAO

  6. Hiba Tehreem says:

    Wow! you uploaded the Ramadan schedule . Mann 👏👏👏👏

  7. Rafeeq Syed says:

    I really like ur Ramadan diet,thank u bro…..n u recite iftar duva..Allaha app ko hidayath de….aur sehat de….happy Ramadan…

  8. Sarah Mughal says:

    I have loads of respect for you man. There are few fact that went wrong, doesn't matter. Thank you for being so respectful and considerate to us muslims. You are truly committed to make healthy changes in every body. Bless you!

  9. Rafeeq Syed says:

    O sanny u speak like honey

  10. Baba Khan says:

    Koi exercise nai Hoga

  11. Abdul Raheem says:

    i love u sir aap k Jo samjane k style hy I like it 😘😘my Allah bless u …

  12. Razi Tehseen says:

    Bhai aap bohat achye ho

  13. Shajji Ullah says:

    Amazing bro amazing so happy to see you working out for muslims ummah

  14. Razi Tehseen says:

    mashallah itna Sab jante hai aap islaam qhubool kerle please

  15. Sir ji.. Full day diet plan btao na.. Enni grmi hori hai k exercise ka mn ni hota.. Please sir

  16. Tami Zaki says:

    this is my first comment on YouTube. I usually avoid commenting. but your efforts are worth appreciating . One quick question can I take chia seeds smoothie instead of protines shake ? in sha Allah, hope to follow your diet plan. and exercise routine. thanks a lot Sunny Bhai.

  17. John Zei says:

    can I get this diet chart in soft form Sunnay paaa ji ???☺

  18. Hamzah Ahmad says:

    thanks very nice diet plan in ramadan

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