The Rock’s Ultimate Workout

A look into The Rock’s workout. See what it takes to be the sexiest man alive! #TheIdesOfRock SUBSCRIBE for more!:

The Rock & Logan Paul Join Forces:
Here’s What Really Happened at the 2017 Oscars:



Executive Producers – Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Erin Lardy
Executive Producers – Scott Brown, Mo Darwiche, Dan Weinstein

Directed by Scott Brown
Produced by Mo Darwiche, Erin Lardy
Edited by Ryan Moody
Post Supervision by Dylan Sachse
Production Coordination by Troy Guthrie

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34 Responses

  1. True Miami says:

    What is he drinking Shake or booster in this Video 1:38 ?

  2. Nejib Toumi says:

    this man is my idol <3 !!

  3. I showed this to my turtles and now I have dragons.

  4. Mark Garside says:

    Please can you pin this the rock as your my hero and I've watched all your videos twice

  5. Your like my dad LOL 😎

  6. ROBIN PANDIT says:

    no difference between his name and his body 😎😎

  7. Great motivation. Now my weight is 116kgs.i will transform in 5months…

  8. Is that serj tankian?

  9. Justin B says:

    What is the rock drinking at .45

  10. thomas dorr says:

    all 566 dislikers can suck it! i swear!

  11. The Rock is a fucking Demi-God

  12. The Badd35t says:

    This video better than any preworkout ever💪😂

  13. ok, am a beginner wanting to know the process you do in your workouts …

  14. super Beko says:

    Undertaker vs The Rock

  15. Swa sonia says:

    it's too much… why you need to do so much work out Rock?

  16. Synthetic Md says:

    that rock is kinda weak overall, and he is a heavy roid user.

  17. Omg I love the rock and tech n9ne so I love this video atomically

  18. roman empire says:

    just so everyone knows the song isn't sandstorm

  19. Whats that last workout called? Where hes on his abdomen and lifting legs and arms.

  20. MrJ says:

    Swole is goal
    Size is the prize
    It's gainz o clock mother fudger lets go!

  21. Sir RonBIrd says:

    What Song is that ?

  22. Angel yance says:

    Who can tell me the name of the song?

  23. I got abs and I'm only 10


  25. bossi holden says:

    show this video to an egg, and it will change become chicken

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