In this video I share what I believe you should consider when making your own work out plans! I also take you through another day in the life of Uzoma Obilor while shredding!

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Instrumentals produced by Chuki.

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33 Responses

  1. Jose Aniceto says:

    Would you recommend doing drop sets when bulking ? And also would you do light weight workouts when bulking ?

  2. Joe Farrell says:

    I'm scared to loose weight with the fear of loosing muscle as well, what motivates you to make that plunge and not feel shit when you see the scales going down??

  3. Good Job Man!!!! keep the great videos and the great work

  4. T Groenhuis says:

    you only train bodyparts once a week???

  5. Hassan L says:

    Very well structured tips! Thank you. How come you never flavour your chicken or rice with seasoning(low salt ones) or herbs?

  6. Marvin Payne says:

    if I chase a feeling how will I get stronger cuz u need progressive overload to grow

  7. Fusion says:

    Uzoma you are a beast bro I wouldn't rather watch anyone else you are what I think of when I have to eat my grilled chicken and broccoli. I can't express how much you mean too me

  8. bmartin says:

    Uzoma feelin himself so hard in the begging lmao

  9. Fotini Fit says:

    congrats on 10k so exciting !!

  10. Yash Mhatre says:

    Man I feel sad whenever you say your boy's broke. You are too good bro. This is just the struggle point. Get past this and you're gonna feel that burn for the gains😉 And I know you got few weeks to get lean but the conditioning doesn't look as good as it looks for other people prepping. Anyways good luck to you and I have always been making more and more gains since last year after watching your videos. 😊Love the passion brother💪

  11. I have never really found a really good workout created by someone else that worked tremendously.  The best one I have found is Arnold Schwarzenegger's blueprint to mass.  It worked to get my gains started, then after that I began creating my own, which brought on even more gains.

  12. got a ques. do you have to do lower chest routines to build a chest like urs? the reason I'm asking is that u have a good chest but in ur vids I never see u do lower chest or maybe you do idk please help.

  13. hey Uzoma. I really like your videos and think you pass along some very good information. But I wish you'd clean up your language. I try to listen but wind up clicking it off in less than a minute of two. f***in' this and f***in' that does not add any value to what you are saying.

  14. Jvion Life says:

    love the positivity brother

  15. Hugo Lopes says:

    dude i really love your vídeos…
    your tips have changed my workouts for the better, always chasing the freakin feeling!
    on another note: it is really cool to see you watching hajime no ippo!

    kuddos bro

  16. Tadd Kosola says:

    4:59 teach me your ways of individual muscle fiber movement XD

  17. I fuck with you a lot no homo

  18. Boi this is the best giveaway ever ( in my opinion ), cuz its not material, its information and thats the most vauable thing ever and this shit helps a lot of people who are just starting to lift and they can apply to thier workout.
    Stay strong, stay positive homieeee 🙌😤

  19. BaboeSto says:

    Gratz on the 10k, u deserve it bro.

  20. congratulations 10k bro love you

  21. Tom Burrows says:

    Uzoma do you have snapchat???

  22. Justin says:

    The way Uzoma speaks make you feel like hes really talking to you in person lmaoo

  23. Thanks bro i need to create a new program this video came into play. Sadly I messed up my rotator cuff and will be out for some weeks but when I recover I am definitely following these tips for better gains 🙂

  24. Alan Mata says:

    can you make a video on how to track macros and findingout your macros for beginners??? cause im pretty ingorant and have no knowledge on that

  25. Antonio Hunt says:

    Definitely plan on applying some of the new meals to my diet. Thanks!

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