At Home Cardio Workout to Burn Fat & Tone (High & Low Impact Modifications)

These exercises are great for burning fat & toning up, but they’re also incredible for increasing balance, coordination and control over your own body. Calorie burn + how to use this workout @ Workout Programs for fast, safe, lasting results:

We use PowerBlock’s adjustable dumbbells:

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48 Responses

  1. Dirk Thomas says:

    Thanks fb…working mom with two small kids… really apreciate your workouts,,,tried many others but yours is the best bar none.

  2. I see through your sneaky smiles Kelli esp. the last 2 groups of exercises..those are borderline level 3.5 or 4..but I loved it after I cooled down.

  3. Great workout if your on a time strain and if your muscles are sore from doing strength training

  4. chweet nams says:

    This is an awesome total body workout! Thank you Fitness Blender! :* :*

  5. Namibian in Southern Africa, I enjoy every moment of it. Thank you and keep on rolling.

  6. Colombia, following for some 4 years already =D

  7. Deaaaaaad. Awesome workout!

  8. Fiesty Chick says:

    who else scans through all of their videos to c if it is a workout you can do and if not, you keep looking and if it is you start with that one?…

  9. Where is the cool down? I can never find them. I'm on the mobile app.

  10. I am from Pakistan and I am 11 years old so can o do this exercise ?
    How much days

  11. Noldy says:

    Tapped out on Traveling Flutter Kickers & Hip Dip Plank Jacks. Workout complete 18.06.2017 – 4.33am #FBFitRound2

  12. Good core workout, cardio was about a 7-10.

  13. woman wonder says:

    Loveee this workout, idk if it is just me but it makes time flyyy

  14. Nn105 says:

    Its been maybe a month since i did workout and this really burned meee

  15. Malyna Ph says:

    Thanks for sharing ! This one is my favorite workout routine 🙂

  16. Gossipgold says:

    This Workout makes me angry 😀 But i got it 🙂

  17. Sneha Pawar says:

    I am from India
    you are awesome guys
    I have been struggling to go to a gym or a yoga class to be fit and healthy because of my hectic and busy schedule.
    I was so frustrated but when I encountered your videos I was so happy. You gave me new hope and determination to be healthy.
    thank you so much
    May you be blessed always
    thank you so much again
    I have bought a mat, the exercise ball, dumbells and I m. gonna start working out again with your help
    I hope to be in shape again.

  18. Ivy Martin says:

    My second one today. When I feel like giving up, I just kept going. I am such a mess… mentally and physically thank you for providing these videos.😁

  19. I am from Algeria and I love your workouts routine, keep up the good work, you are really an inspiration for a lot of people and I am one of them. Thank you so much 😊

  20. How many calories does this set of exercises burn?

  21. Golden Stars says:

    Why there's two written calories on the lower right?

  22. taeb bxxtt says:

    till the water break 29/3/17

  23. Omg, I tried this and I am sweating. I love this so much.

  24. Nn105 says:

    It been long time since i did cardio woow

  25. excellent workout!! I'm sweating my life Hahaha I did enjoy it very much 😊

  26. Ola Ola says:

    that's very complicated and very difficult to do!

  27. Kelli, I want to thank you for helping a 57-year-old man stay in shape. It's a pleasure to know I'm coming home to work out with you, and I feel encouraged by you. You and your team are terrific. Thank you again.

  28. I exercised for 3 months with their video routinely (3-4 times a week) and I lost 9 kgs. Now I am back at college and gained another 9 kgs…. looking forward to exercise again to lose them again!

  29. DJR says:

    Hi ,I've been doing your workouts for almost ten years now , I think. (Have you been on that long?) Anyway at59 I'm still at it , although my knees sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies when i bend them. I like that you have so much variety with so many levels . There's always something i can find that will be right for me on any given day. Thanks

  30. My first time complete a workout ! So many sweat . Thank to kelli .
    8/12/2016 3:48pm

  31. hai will u pls do share a weight gain sequence

  32. 011216 workout complete!!

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