Best Post Workout Meal for Athletes!

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28 Responses

  1. Man everyone is so critical in the comments haha. Don’t be saying all of these “facts” unless you can really back them up

  2. I heard somewhere that a post workout meal.meal . should consist of protein carbs and little fat. I don't know the science behind this or if it is even true considering the body needs all three to grow and function. I wondering if I could add avacado to this and if so how much or if the quality even matters or if the quality is up to my macros. I love avacado and it seems like I good addition to this, just curious about what you thought.

  3. Definitely more on Nutrition please Chris. Meal timing aswell as best foods! Also how do you workout how much calories you need?

  4. Max Kors says:

    i eat lotsa pussy after i workout.

  5. blingboi331 says:

    Someone write the recipe plz

  6. What’s the beat in the background? 🔥🔥

  7. Mango salad! And tumeric!! Boom!

  8. Caps Lock says:

    Most naturally occuring enzymes get destroyed in your stomach before theyre able to do anything, especially in the anounts present in the food
    Also, how does the acidity help cramps? Or did you mean the electrolytes?

  9. Caps Lock says:

    That sounds like a great recipe but Imma just go and tongue a homeless man's asshole instead

  10. so can i use chicken instead of shrimp? Im allergic to shellfish…

  11. Vellenga71 says:

    Cut that onion like a pimp.

  12. amirbiogene says:

    Great video. Although I read somewhere long ago that vitamin c (found in mango) and arsenic (found in shrimp) can produce poisonous compounds when combined and in high doses can even be lethal. Don't quote me on this cause I'm not sure how true it is , just throwing it out there.

  13. Chris you have to tell us your secret. How do you get your nipples to NOT show in a white tight shirt?? Seriously no homo or anything but I would love to wear the shirts I see you wear but my fat ass nipples always poking through.

  14. black9897 says:

    And if you hate shrimp?

  15. Weird flavor/texture combination though.

  16. hey bro whats a replacement for shrimp if youre allergic to shell fish lol ?

  17. gothops says:

    Hey Chris, have you ever considered botox?

  18. Kyle H says:

    Damn that looks so good, and nutritious, & perFect for athletes !

  19. I have a question. I play on the defensive line. I'm about 5'11 and 200lbs I go against guys who are 6'1 260lbs. What can I do to push them back. (I usually get double teamed so I can't drop low or the second guy will lay me out.)

  20. BTheShaman says:

    Ok cool. I dig it bro. Gonna try it today. I love all the ingredients also. Keep it coming

  21. Could you do a strength and size workout for boxers or fighters??

  22. Emanuele Rea says:

    doesn't look very tasty man

  23. Definitely giving this a try! Thanks Chris!

  24. oh oh says:

    this channel is waaay too underrated golden knowledge right there

  25. history has been made. ota video outside the gym

  26. What's your body făt percent. Do a Routine for Lean-Athletic arms workout to get Nice arms like your..

  27. damn that looks delish! not usually having much from fitness cooking stuff but i’ll try that. hit us up with more big dawg 🙂

  28. Mate this was great! Living in SE Asia, I eat mangoes and pickled veg on the regular – so cheap in Bangkok.

    Was waiting for the "and here's one I made earlier" line ha! More nutrition vids f'sho

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