HEALTHY GROCERY HAUL + My Current Workout Plan

If only I didn’t work two jobs… this is what my life would be like, except even less busy. Maybe one day lol

I just wanted to take you guys through the few adjustments I’ve made to my life for the next month based on the fact that I now have a few more hours in my day. So for the time being, this is my current workout/training routine and how I plan to eat.

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Please do your own research on any supplement/food product mentioned before adding it to your own diet, especially if you have any underlying health conditions that may be a contraindication for the food or supplement.

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24 Responses

  1. Gracie Swan says:

    Okay girl just kicking right up into that handstand geez! Were the exercises you showed with the neon yellow bands the trigger moves?

  2. Aleen R says:

    Any time I have flank steak it's pretty tough, so keep that in mind. I always put it in the crockpot for 8-10hrs or pressure cook it for 2hrs. You might not mind tougher meat though. I only choose grass-fed red meat, so I always get the cheaper cuts like stewing beef or ox tail or organ meats. I love the fattier cuts and you have to be rich to afford the premium cuts!!

  3. I reccomend adding a pinch of salt to your coffee 😊 I also like mine black. I actually usually put mine through a whip cream charger for a frothy velvety black coffee treat

  4. That is the prettiest chocolate bar ever, lol. That nut and seed milk sounds AMAZING!

  5. Avani Carter says:

    With coffee i put a small pinch of salt to cut the bitterness. My Grandma taught me that one.

  6. I've been sooo into cold brew lately, I do it in a french press just like yours and sometimes I add some rice milk. I heard somewhere that cold brew has a lot more nutrients than a regular coffee 🙂 I think you should try it !

  7. The French press is the method with more caffeine, because the coffee is infused in the water for longer. If you want to avoid consuming too much caffeine maybe a filter like V60 or Chemex is a better option. I love coffee but the French press sometimes gives me a caffeine rush, and I get my hands shaking.

  8. My favourite is just cold brew, with a few drops of vanilla or caramel stevia, with a splash of oatmilk (Oatly Barista oatmilk is my favourite) and it's just soooooo good! I want to get some cinnamon stevia drops, but I haven't gotten my hand on those yet, I feel like I need to cool it with the shopping until I move in 3 weeks z)

  9. I love throwing a cinnamon stick in my coffee, it adds in some sweet and spicy tones without taking away from the coffee itself!

  10. Oat milk in coffee!!

  11. Little Voice says:

    Did you read about how coffee is a source of acrylamide. It is best to have a high roasted version to reduce exposure

  12. Paeli says:

    Suggestion for your coffee experiment: if it is caffeinated, try incorporating your occasional cup of coffee before going to the gym! Most of those crazy preworkout products are loaded with caffeine anyway.

  13. Nice to see you being more flexible about the food and the trainings. You seems to be feeling free and really happy! Anyways, wish you more time for yourself in the future too!

  14. Le Hall says:

    I use my french press a lot (To the point my partner and my mother now have one because of me). I'm picky about my water to make a really good cup of coffee. Make sure you're using purified water and don't pour boiling water over the grounds as it will get too hot and make it bitter. Either grab it just before boiling, which is what I do because I'm impatient, or wait 30 seconds or so after you've cut the heat to drop the temperature to about 200 degrees F (93 Celsius). For most of my coffee I only let it brew for about 4 minutes before pressing.

    Little bit of nerdy coffee tips. I take my coffee black with a little bit of cinnamon and if you can get your hands on it Kauai Hawaiian coffee is my favourite. ☕️

  15. KiraNesser says:

    WestSoy Unweetened Vanilla Soymilk (the only ingredients are soybeans and vanilla) makes coffee taste BOMB, and is a great way to get little bits of extra protein in. 🙂

  16. grotlek says:

    The best thing to put in coffee is coffee. You don't drink it because of how it tastes; you drink it initially because it makes you "better" and later because you're addicted to it. And although you're not addicted yet perhaps, but you will be. Though actually given how energised you always seem to be even without coffee, not sure you will get the full benefit of the brown manna from the gods – I was actually very surprised when you said you weren't a caffeine drinker :-). For me it's coffee in the mornings (6-12), sencha tea in the afternoons (12-6) and nothing stronger than a warm cup of hot chocolate after 6pm.

  17. TinyFloral says:

    Add a little cinnamon.

  18. Jessa Shook says:

    Love your video (as always)! 😘

  19. runman xD says:

    I like my coffee either pure or with milk, no sweetener^^

  20. Farmers markets are my fave! I love watching your food hauls because your “diet” is mostly of what I hope to only be consuming (does that even make sense?) lol.

  21. KC E says:

    great haul ❤ loove browsing through farmers markets 😊..not too much of a coffee drinker but one weird thing ive heard people put in their coffee. .. butter🤔🤔 dont really know why or much of the perks but have read something dealing with crash levels😮

  22. V Kelly says:

    Just bought my first maps program because of your introduction. Maps anywhere because I'm not ready to workout at a gym yet. What resistant bands do you use?

  23. runman xD says:

    where did that awesome intro go?

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