Daily Workout Routine for Teenagers

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Today we do a daily workout routine for teenagers and teens to lose fat and gain muscle.

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41 Responses

  1. Mclane Smith says:

    How often should middle distance runners workout

  2. Your shorts are way to short

  3. Bro why tf u squatting in the smith machine

  4. I left when he said 100 pushups

  5. Chynna M says:

    Wow that’s an awesome gym

  6. If only I didn't live in a poor community where there's, like, zero equipment to train with, lmao!

  7. Joe Belmont says:

    You call that a workout?hah

  8. Ur small dude no one should listen to u there are much more informed people on youtube that dont use steroids

  9. Nutted says:

    what's the song int he beginning?

  10. Josh Mollway says:

    what was the song at the very beginning of the video?

  11. Kieran Nash says:

    Why would you take advice from someone this small 😂😂

  12. Kartik Saini says:

    Body gjb h bhai teri

  13. I wish I could afford protein powder and a gym membership but at least we have 25lb weights from somewhere that I can work with

  14. Ben Sommer says:

    R u guys trust fund babies or what?

  15. Lemons 909 says:

    Ryan, you look a lot more toned than when I first saw your shirtless work out videos, good work!

  16. When you made the edit, I clicked the bell, you have won a subscriber

  17. Silva Panda says:

    Watching skinny people exercise is funny

  18. Hey man! Which camera do you use to record your videos?

  19. jollyasianXD says:

    omg that edit killed me

  20. What’s the song on this video

  21. WonderCrave says:

    Dude, great video. You make some of the best videos on Youtube, I believe. That's why I had to subscribe. You're unique with the content that you produce and that's hard to find anymore.

  22. Mtr blurr says:

    Whats the intro song?

  23. Adxn TM says:

    I think I'm gonna start running everyday on my own. I finally got under 6 for my 1600m last meet. Took me forever and its pretty slow but I feel a lot more motivated now lol

  24. Ryan that edit you did was amazing it reminded me of Dragon Ball Super!!

  25. Jankin Jack says:

    fucking love transitions

  26. Porter Jones says:

    Yerrow rocking the BYU shirt

  27. John Meis says:

    ryan nobody will ever be as swole as you

  28. Josh Ladd says:

    Is it possible to listen to the podcast without being a patron

  29. OSRS NOAH says:

    This is like a mature-budget team 10

  30. Glad this was in my recommendations list. Thanks

  31. Ertoso Omg says:

    Roosey project over here

  32. I wish I could pull off shorts as short as yours

  33. CE A says:

    What kind of fit watch do you wear?

  34. Double A ._. says:

    Also question, are you going to do what most channels do and release patreon videos like 3 weeks after they are released on patreon, or are they exclusive to patreon?

  35. Double A ._. says:

    Thanks to Ryan, I now drink like 16 ounces a water in a second.

  36. Andrew Doss says:

    They’re calling each other monster when they’re doing a plate

  37. I saw you at the Clearwater Invitational Saturday. I held the bathroom door open for you lol.

  38. Paulo P says:

    I know you're a decent runner, but do you think it's wise to run a marathon as a teenager. Haile Gebrselassie ran a 2:40 marathon when he was 16, but he didn't commit fully until he was 28 years of age. Take the advice from someone who has taken part in a marathon race at the age of 17.

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