Total Body Cardio Warm Up Workout to Burn Fat and Boost Energy

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25 Responses

  1. Cris Pena says:

    So im a big guy :p and am more of a weightlifter. Since I'm not so good towards cardio would it be good to do this a few days per week then eventually add a new workout or should I do this and follow with a workout shortly afterwards?

  2. Unique Leigh says:

    Ima try to do this. I wanna lose all my fat😂😂 jk I just wanna do something

  3. Eff Bloom says:

    I don't need warm up, my country's hot already. If I do warm up, I'm on fire bruhh..

  4. i love that sports bra

  5. Cute bra! Where did you buy it??

  6. Jimbo Ward says:

    Another great warm up Kelli-Thank you so much for all the hard work on your part.

  7. I have a request…
    My left leg is atrophied. From buttock to foot… My left bum is much smaller than my right. I was very athletic! I was an endurance runner, played softball, and basketball. Then, in my late 30's, I had an injury! Ugh! I've had several knee surgeries on my left knee . I need a replacement. I have necrosis in my tibia, femur, and kneecap. I'm not getting a knee. Bummer! However, the Dr said that it's okay to use my knee. It's just pain. I can build up scar tissue, and that, along with my knee brace, stretching, and strength training I can exercise and do yoga. Because, My left hip and lower back hurts. Which will only get worse faster without exercise. I'm not getting a knee. Any suggestions for strengthening and plumping up my leg? I have a, very hard time balancing on my bottom. Hahaha. So, Maybe, a video for people who have atrophy? Thanks, again!
    Fitness Blender is a Huge part of our lives!

  8. Thank you for this awesome workout. I am going to do these workouts a few times a day for an extra calorie burn and to keep active. I already workout in the morning but I have not lost weight. I think ever since I got this new job I do not burn enough calories because my job is very sedentary. I sit all day :(. I will be adding these. When I lived in Mexico I would walk a lot and was able to eat enough and stay lean. Life in the city is not what I like. Especially during winter months. Please upload more of these short energy boosting workouts!!

  9. can I do this in the morning only everyday ?

  10. Amber G says:

    Wonderful warm up! 🙂

  11. today I start my two-week challenge to reduce size and FB is my best ally, yeah!!!

  12. Hanna Debora says:

    I always do this as a warm up for my leg days and it keeps me from being sore the next day!

  13. Rolled out of bed and started this workout and am definitely feeling more energized and awake! Thanks 😉

  14. oiji says:

    doing this first thing in the morning! Great workout! Wakes me up and I definitely feel energized!

  15. I'm so thankful for you guys! Feeling stronger every day. Thank you ♥️

  16. I've been dong you workouts for 2.5 years.. My original goal was gain muscle so I can curve out due to my fast metabolism and height Gained 20 pounds.. now weigh 148. I am shaped like you, but my thighs are thicker due to genetics, but I love seeing your body cause I feel so self conscious with having high hips like you. I always see the hourglass women and think what am I doing wrong, but then I see your body and it makes me happy to know I'm a normal woman. Thank you for all you do!

  17. Menna says:

    Kelli, I just can't resist your beauty, how you slightly smile while saying something sweet or funny, like your smile reflects onto mine. The way you talk politely, all the gestures. You're such an amazing person. I love you and I wish you good always♥️♥️

  18. Yimin Chen says:

    this warm up is by far the best mix of cardio and stretching. The pace is just right, especially in the morning. Thank you!

  19. TUTURU says:

    so can i just simply use this as a workout for when i don't have the time or energy?

  20. Nice warm up sequence. Thank you!

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