The Workout That Grew My Butt | LEG & BUTT WORKOUT FOR WOMEN – Vlogmas ep. 2

My Spanish channel!
Here is my current workout routine for my leg and butt workout to help burn fat, get toned legs and butt this winter!
Weight lifting has totally changed my life and my body and I want to share with you some of the current exercises I have been loving. s
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What I’m wearing in this video:
Gymshark Seamless Leggings
Crop top : F21 Distressed Cropped Sweater
Lip color: KVD Liquid Lipstick Sanctuary

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Barbell Squats 3 sets x 10 reps at max weight
Lunges 3 sets x 10 reps at max weight
Deadlifts 1 set x 10 reps at max weight / 2 sets x 12 reps lower weight

What is a superset? A superset is performed when two exercises are performed in a row without stopping

SUPERSET 1: 3 sets x 12 reps (for both exercises)
Jumping side squats – 12 reps each side
Curtsy lunges – 12 reps each leg

SUPERSET 2: 3 sets x 12 reps (for both exercises)
Bulgarian split squats – 12 reps each leg
Barbell hip thrust – 12 reps

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Main Camera- Canon 70D
Vlogging Camera – Sony a5100
Diva Ring Light (more affordable option
Umbrella lights are also really good
Neewer Continuous Lighting Kit


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35 Responses

  1. I don't think those are deadlifts, looks more like RDLs

  2. Mamie Dawson says:

    Can you make more videos like this pls!

  3. Nicole V. says:

    Her sets sre done wrong and giving me anxiety how does she not feel how wrong it is

  4. kraft dinner says:

    How many times a week should i do this workout?

  5. When you were sore for 3 days were you working out during those days too ? Or did you want until the soreness went away and starting working out agian ? Also when you were doing the curticy lunges (*sorry if I spelled it wrong it's 3am were I live and I need to know what I am gonna do for my workout lol ) the girl behind you was doing it too lollll

  6. Looks like you have a Hip imbalance..

  7. 3 sets of 10? What does that mean smh I wish I understood gym talk…I’m about to start working out like this

  8. Pankaj Singh says:

    Padd paldi tune mujhke hathku chakka

  9. This girl bit is u l g y

  10. Do you do them "backwards" on the smith machine on pupose? Just wondering bc IDK if theres a difference or not… do you?

  11. Hey girl! I love your video! I was curious, have you ever tried your squats with a resistance band just above your knees? It really helps your form and gives you a great workout. You will be sore the next day! Lol I got a set (Heavy, medium, light) is resistance bands and I use them with a lot of my leg and booty workouts. It helps you switch it up sometimes too. I watch a lot of YouTube videos to get creative in my workouts. Lol

  12. Teesh L. says:

    Should I activate my glutes first or go straight into the smith machine squats

  13. joeventure01 says:

    Cool workout your butt looks amazing

  14. Hmm believe upon extensive observation I detect a dark colored thong…

  15. look for Unflexal Workouts service to learn how to workouts rightly.

  16. L clack says:

    Great video..but please work on your form

  17. Hire a fitness professional to show you how to properly squat before you hurt yourself

  18. what syour advice on lifting heavy i was told by my dr i can not lift heavy anymore due to my knee injuries and im so afraid im gonna lose my gains do you lift heavy or lighter often

  19. LeoArif1 says:

    Love love this workout!! Thank you

  20. VgoGRL says:

    I love love your videos. 😍😍 you are so inspiring. You should make a nother youtube channel of just your work out videos.

  21. Hi I’m definitely entering this contest 😄😄 i would love to see a meal prep video or just a healthy food video!

  22. Munchkinqx3 says:

    Please do a video on what workouts you do for upper body! 😍

  23. Ashley Soong says:

    Easy salad recipes and smoothies! (if you make them!) <3

  24. MsSoAsian says:

    Hey girl! I'd love to see an abs workout. I have chronic lower back pain from an accident and I'm finding it pretty difficult to find/ do workouts for my stomach area without irritating my back….HELP ! 🙂

  25. Goddamn that ass is amazing.

  26. Ivy Chic says:

    Yassss hun! Work it! Body goals!!! This was helpful! I loveeee leg and booty days!

  27. I need to get back on my workout grind. This helped motivate me and thank you for sharing your workout routine YanYi! Xoxo

  28. I struggle w food. I'm always interested in what others eat so I can never get enough what I eat in a day or the showing of what all one ate in a video.

  29. Lisa Mills says:

    You are in great shape. I love the workout you do.

  30. can't wait to try out this program! I've always just went with leg press and squats. I would love to see your arm routine too!

  31. Y su says:

    Meal prep videos please 🙂

  32. kher2gac says:

    Damn….that is a killer workout!!!! You look great!!! Other videos would be an arm day. ❤️❤️❤️ I'm entering the giveaway.

  33. Tracy Tea says:

    I love this! I’m On week 3 of my workout journey! Please update more workouts!

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