HOW I EAT TO GET LEAN! (All Meals Shown) | Hardest Workout of 2018 | Ascension Ep. 4

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29 Responses

  1. That toothpaste metaphor…..boy, if that ain’t me every time I go to the grocery store

  2. RatchetPMC says:

    Honestly man. You just made my day. I'm going to go ahead and pump out the rest of my assignment. Much love dude ❤

  3. yep, we forget many things. great video.

  4. Honestly, that isn’t decent bench press..

  5. What if my issue is that I'm pushing myself to failure on every set and I have to drop the weights later in the workout?

  6. Thanks man… do you use Final Cut Pro ?

  7. Noam Siegel says:

    At 16:06 the way the girl looks is the way I felt watching this.

    Great stuff man.

  8. NickBullseye says:

    Igor for new Batman ( or Superman whatever)

  9. Abhay Rohit says:

    16:07 Lady Workout Manners😂😂

  10. Do a video on training while having a cold or the flu

  11. Thanks so much for all of the well thought out information you give!! It really helps out because lately I’ve been confused on what does the most for me in terms of eating wise..keep it up your the best!

  12. Nagilum says:

    You should start the 200meters a bit slower to have a gradually increase in speed. I normally start with 32 and the last in 28 sek. 10 years ago when I was 25 and faster I could run finish in 24 sek.

  13. Ansh says:

    13:00 , the mountain enters

  14. JoHnSapla7 says:

    But isn't the increased intensity cause more fatigue and recovery problems?

  15. conclusion of this video, life is a tube of toothpaste 🙂

  16. Ant J11 says:

    Hey so what do you do till 5? Do you just drink water or a protein shake or what?

  17. dude idk how you do it, but you somehow make these "long ass videos" feel like 5 min videos. Your effort doesn't go unnoticed man keep it up!

  18. hey! what headphones do you use? also, great video. Hitting the gym tomorrow and this was definitely inspirational.

  19. HeroTripleT says:

    @ 5:21 that overhead kitchen lighting tho 👌 Looking extra hyperbolic lol.

  20. Gokussj519 says:

    He called a ,peach, a vegetable…what is life anymore

  21. Noice. I buy my chicken in bulk, cut em up, and freeze them in individual bags as well 👍

  22. Moe Lester says:

    Honestly this guy is one of the reasons I started working out, hilarious and smart. Thanks for making videos man 🙂

  23. Anigmus says:

    I set out to run my first 5k about a month ago. And I ran a 10k instead

  24. Loved the ending part great way to put that!!

  25. Matej Gros says:

    Omg new video ❤️ I am Simple man, when I see Igor uploaded i press like

  26. Callisthenics improvement??

  27. Rev0UK1 says:

    …kit kats suck. Yeah its 200 cals because its the poverty chocolate bar.

  28. lendial says:

    facial expression gains

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