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48 Responses

  1. Love these workouts and live for the yoga-ish cool downs.

  2. suparna ray says:

    Completed the whole workout. Enjoyed it😀

  3. Coffeehan says:

    Whenever I do Fitness Blender's workouts, I always wait for the phrase, "Let it rest." Then I knew that I made it haha…

  4. This was hard but I did my best. Thank you for helping me lose 2 pounds last week! Had a not so good weekend lol but I'm back at it and more motivated than ever.

  5. how is the calories that your burning going up even though your not moving?

  6. I just discovered this routine will be in my favourite list, complete body workout! love it

  7. Kat Seitz says:

    really hope I lose weight off of this considering I'm sweating buckets

  8. I was doubting my ability to finish this workout and I thought I would have to give up halfway through so I told myself ‘just one more exercise’ until I got to the cool-down & stretch and even then I couldn’t believe I heard right and that I made it through. To be sincere, I am dead now but I do not regret finishing it. I’m proud I managed to do this workout after one HIIT free month. I’ll definitely do this workout again when I feel like challenging myself. #workoutcomplete

  9. Noldy says:

    Second workout for the day. Workout complete 18.07.2018 – 7.20pm #FB30Round3

  10. Priya S says:

    I'm gonna start this workout soon thank you so much for this! Also I really love how no-nonsense this is and just really peaceful making me actually wanna workout

  11. Chris Evans says:

    I'm not sure this is HIIT….

  12. loraine says:

    I couldn't wait to hear Workout complete!!!

  13. Safa Dhawadi says:

    i'm gonna keep trying today i only lasted 5 minutes fuck

  14. MsFluffy27 says:

    KILLER WORKOUT 💪🏼 worth it!

  15. Longest 30 min of my life

  16. Isila Torres says:

    Great workout !! I almost died lol!

  17. I slowed the video speed down to get though it because I'm 58 years old I will speed it up as needed.

  18. John Galvin says:

    Great start to the week. FBs workouts just do enough to pick me up & help me get through the rest of the day, thank you.

  19. I have not been able to complete this exercise because by 20 minutes after taking so much breaks I cannot go anymore 😢. But I can't wait to hear workout complete. Gosh it has me sweating so much 😓. I love it 😍

  20. Nana Moon says:

    After long break that made me sweat like crazy ❤️😍thank you so much ❤️❤️

  21. Annie T says:

    7:38 of this was enough for me

  22. Daaamn 10 minutes in and i am already drowning in my own sweat

  23. Laura K. says:

    I mean, this workout is great no question. But my knees just can‘t do it any longer :((

  24. Alex López says:

    Can't get enough of the marvelous narrations, would never play any music at all

  25. Really enjoyed this workout to do before i go to work! Not too fast, not too slow, challenging enough and i liked the little person in upper left hand corner showing what exercise to expect next. Great job! excellent Total body ! – will be sharing this one.

  26. Absolutly great workout 😍😍
    I felt awesome ❤

  27. Thanku so much guys for making such fantastic workouts

  28. kim jongin says:

    seriously, I will update every 3 days or if i lost any weight!
    My weight: I think 73kg
    My goal: 45kg

    Update 1 :
    Update 2 :
    Update 3 :

    Cheer me! And remind me to update 💚"!
    NOTE : if I didn't answer you that's mean I didn't get any notifications from you !

  29. za8cun says:

    kelly i have question! i am an asthmatic patient so i always feel bad whenever i do cardio like this one, when my heart starts beating fast i really need to slow it down or else im getting an asthma attack.. so in a 30 min workout there will be like 5 pauses for me to catch my breath and let my body cool down first.. does the workout lose it effectiveness if i keep going like this? i wish to have a good stamina but my body just cannot bear it :'/

  30. Emily K says:

    I have done many of your workouts and this is by far my favorite and go-to video. thank you guys!

  31. OMG that was brutal! Especially the day after. And even after. I had to skip my running cos I was hardly walking 😂 But I will do this again, I'm not in my best shape now 😉

  32. Hà My says:

    I started to do workouts about 3 weeks ago, and at that time, I could not even do it in exact pace and poses like Kelly in the video, I needed to pause it ( first workout video I watch is also FB's but not this one, about 25 minutes including warmup and cool down). However, right now I can do all exercises in this workout twice in a row without hitting the pause 🙂 And I feel my body strength is much more better now, thank you FB! You guys are my motivation 😍😍

  33. Mads Hana says:

    Always love a sweaty workout and am so glad this one didn't hurt my knees! Such a good workout to get back into the grind!

  34. Samantha C says:

    i really love this channel. she doesnt talk about shits or gathers the video from different cuts

  35. b says:

    I’ve been doing some exercises for over 3weeks now, still don’t see much changes in my body but I’m gonna keep going with this one too. This time I’m not gonna give up

  36. Sometimes I like to think that if a zombie apocalypse would come I would be able to survive ; running, jumping for my life and then I do this workout and press pause 10 times in the first 15 minutes … I'm dead ! But I haven't done HIIT in two years, so I hope I will get better with time.
    Thank you for making me stronger @FitnessBlender !

  37. Ughhhhh, my legs are dying!!

  38. kcmayy says:

    Kelli, I love you purple tank top. It never rises up when you work out! Where did you get it??

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