FITNESS Women are Awesome – WORKOUT with a Smile (Kaisa Keranen)

Kaisa Keranen aka KaisaFit (January 29, 1986. Seattle/USA). Weight 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg); Height 5’10” (177.5cm). Fitness Girl Kaisa Keranen shows how to stay beautiful and in shape. Fitness Life!, Healthy lifestyle , helping people to be healthy & strong!

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Kaisa Keranen is a respected fitness instructor from Seattle, USA. She found her passion for an active lifestyle from an early age, taking part in numerous sports throughout high school.
However, she after graduating from college, she wasn’t sure which career to pursue.
Eventually, her friends encouraged her to become a coach at her local gym, and she’s since become an icon in the fitness industry; motivating others to begin their fitness journey.

” I grew up playing sports and so movement has always been a big part of my life. The simple truth is that I feel much better when I move so I try to make it a daily habit.” (c) KaisaFit
“I just don’t believe in working out and dieting to look a certain way, it’s not sustainable nor is it healthy.” (c) KaisaFit
“I think our goal should be to move daily, eat healthy as often as you can.” (c) KaisaFit

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29 Responses

  1. Silná žena je veľmi pekne ze to berie s úsmevom ❤❤❤

  2. Блин…самое крутое видео….

  3. 💪💪💪 impresioante .

  4. Song of Nerdout, with copyright i guess

  5. i like smile and work out
    i wanna be like this
    one day my body will be strong
    InSha Allah

  6. asdf says:


    You post yet another video of someone who is a confirmed steroid user. No surprise. It's common knowledge that this girl has been on Anavar (Oxandralone) for years now. People have also stated that she's also taking some of the more potent compounds now.

  7. women in the kitchen, making sandwiches, are awesomer!

  8. reggie says:

    I would like to mate with her

  9. RADCOMJ1 says:

    Damn girl you fitter than a very fit thing lol. I like how you exercise using everyday things around you. thanks for sharing.

  10. Wtf women grow shoulders so easily

  11. saurav k says:

    Can u please name the 2nd song

  12. Nick Abbazi says:

    Is YouTube actually tempting me to cheat on my gf?

  13. Does any1 like to see woman this strong?

  14. R WILSON says:

    😱Nice, lovely, strong

  15. Baidy Thiam says:

    good job Girls i like that!

  16. Hi Kaisa great workout and thanks for the motivation and keep up the great work and I like your outfits and your hair style they look beautiful as you stay motivated and have a great day 👍

  17. Mad AMV死 says:

    I'm so fucking tired of hearing nefex oh my God all his fucking songs are the same stop using them

  18. Razor 12353 says:

    Ew omg if she was the last female on earth the human race would go extinct

  19. Yo she smoking them other girls with her leg gainz look at them quads hamstrings and glutes but yo those quads and hamstrings look so strong and fit its nuts she smoking them! I bet when dudes try to hit on her. She be saying. You cant handle these legs :).

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