Flannabolic Chest Workout | Cooking High Volume Low Cal Meals

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39 Responses

  1. Rip to the elephant picture

  2. Brett Medley says:

    Do all bodybuilders drive Challengers LOL

  3. Joey Fadel says:

    hey Chris, sorry about the difficulties you faced leading to the olympia.
    Hope you are able to understand this immune disorder better.
    One more important point, monitor your weight and gains on this lower protein diet.
    I am sure you will be surprised to see very positive gains muscle wise and health wise.
    Let us know how it goes. Take Care for now.

  4. I can't find that Gymshark T-shirt you are wearing on their web site. When it'll be released? Thanks

  5. Josip Gradac says:

    I appreciate your honesty. It’s really fun to watch your videos. Just keep it up ✌️

  6. G.K says:

    20:43 " I can't even keep my god damn picture straight" lol

  7. G.K says:

    Watching Chris walking in the forest reminds me of the Blair witch project…

  8. The more I watch your videos Chris, the more I find there is to like about you as a person! It's nice to know you appreciate nature and agree we as humans should do a better job of protecting it!

  9. Alex V says:

    Dude Courtney king looks like a basic faced girl with no muscle and no shape…..she’s literally a twig and the only shape she has are from her fake boobs LOL and you’re going to go after Steve’s ex like that?? Man…

  10. N7Bane12000 says:

    I saw that old school mutant shaker bottle ❤️

  11. Chianye Yang says:

    Bro that ending with the talk about how people be looking so good in their videos, their house be looking like martha stewarts and the 360 tour of your house.. Im dead right now XD LOL

  12. best workout music on youtube confirmed.

  13. Get a girl Chris… May she help you setting up the house and You too..😉😁


  15. marek nowak says:

    Medications are satanic. Joga, climate change and overpopulation are jewish lies and nwo agenda bringing you into slavery. Only through Jesus Christ you find peace and salvation.
    All these trash talking about your cosmetics and beauty is gay.

  16. mark mirand says:

    hi bro it is possible to isolate inner pecs?

  17. Bro, you seriously have an awesome personality. I mean that sincerely.

  18. Jay Ramos says:

    2:25 you wouldn’t be able to do that here in Florida a gator would come and fuck u up lol

  19. Shinester40 says:

    What kind of flannel is that?? 😮😮 that blue just pops

  20. ishu rao says:

    13:10 looks like amanda cerny's boyfriend !daem

  21. carlos L says:

    Chris on that last machine you were on 13:03 use neutral grip right after and you feel every fuckin fiber activate .

  22. Give aa like if you are single

  23. M M says:

    Chris forgot to bring condoms

  24. Rob Smith says:

    Yo Chris that’s why you are such an awesome bloke, you don’t have this super fake YouTube lighting mega clean vlog house, you seem like a regular Canadian hero! Keep it up bro, big props from the UK

  25. Spacek USA says:

    Chris, what music are you listening during workout…. I guess its different that this YT one?

  26. LU CRE says:

    low sodium so no thotheth lol

  27. SH S says:

    oh hohoho I'll wear a shirt to the gym tommorrw

  28. Karen Meraw says:

    Complete feels on the thank goodness for not entertaining people and living alone. That's 110% my life daily on the organized front. I know where things are, but my mom comes by and it's all: this place is a mess

  29. Jessie Baker says:

    Cbum or my new nick name for you is CHun, how do you train for your height? I am also tall and want to compete and imagine the process is different for a tall guy!?!?!?????

  30. Man starting to cook like me haha. Garlic, turmeric last, squash and veggies etc 🙂 . No extra salt (or refined oils) = the veggies will taste better as taste buds adjust. I suggest ground coriander for dry dishes and cardamom+ginger for stuff you boil to help it taste better.
    Keep repping the gym shark <3

  31. The most humble bodybuilder ever! Keep the comedy coming cbum

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