HOURGLASS AB WORKOUT – 5 Exercises for a Flat Tummy!

My favorites exercises for a flat tummy & a small waist! Hope you enjoy this workout!
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47 Responses

  1. Amazing!!! I do a kegel exercise as I’m doing the vacuum, it totally helps. Two for one exercises 😍

  2. anas youtubr says:

    I'm going to record my progress

    1:30 toe touch crunches
    2: vacuum hold 20 secs
    3:hip raise to a scissor 20
    4: vacuum 20 secs
    5:plank twists 30
    6: vacuum 20 secs
    7: bicycle crunch 30
    8: vacuum 30 secs
    9:plank hopping in and out

  3. You know what’s really hard? Trying to see what she’s doing while doing it but not being able to do it because you’re using earphones and can’t find anywhere to balance your phone. And also EVERYTHING IN THIS VIDEOO

  4. Alice OwO says:

    How often should you do this exercise

  5. Kathleen M says:

    Oooh gurl i cant even raise my hips

  6. Would this also make my hip dips stand out less or more?

  7. Alma Dawn says:

    1 like/sub = 1 day of workout for me

  8. This is also for abs right? Im trying to get a flat stomach in about 5 weeks hope this helps

  9. Didn’t anybody shirt lifted up on the plank at 9:24 minutes no? Just me?

  10. Does this actually give you an hourglass figure or just a flat tummy

  11. Am I the only one who gets a belly cramp when I do a vacuum, like seriously it's like some sort of cord in me is being twisted

  12. Mary Bakaka says:

    I’ve been on my schools volleyball team for the past month now and the season is almost over. Sometimes while playing in the spandex I felt self conscious about my stomach. I’m not really fat, but I don’t have a flat stomach or a small waist. So I searched online for workouts and found this one. I did it on the weekend and in the morning before school. It was annoying, but very quickly I started to see results. My stomach is flatter and I have the line on my stomach that she mentioned. Along with eating better and the cardio from volleyball, this workout really works, just remember to be committed! Good luck to those who are just starting their fitness journey

  13. Claudia West says:

    Subbed cause everyone in the comment section keeps saying how good you're

  14. 1 LIKE = ONE WEEK OF THIS!!!

  15. A Steve says:

    Everytime I vacuum I yawn

  16. Japanesegirl says:

    u talk to much😒😒

  17. New subscriber,I hit that notification button before u said to do so!

  18. Fluffyurim says:

    i’m eating bread rn

  19. Emilija Kukk says:

    how much calories does this workout burn?:)

  20. sanar says:

    I need motivation!

    1 like = 1 day of working out

  21. or simply have good genetics for small waist and do corset training. thats hte secret those insta thots dont tell you girls.

  22. I have unbalanced body shape. Is this gonna work for me??

  23. B. KCee says:

    I find it interesting how many people have an AMAZING almost perfect body in their thumbnail but try hard not to show their full body in the actual video.
    But those who actually have that gorgeous body and don't Photoshop, actually make a point to show their body in the video to prove it's not photoshop.
    This is how I know if a thumbnail was Photoshopped or not 😎

  24. Leo Ruor says:

    McDonald’s ad before this, great.

  25. Can you make a video on how to remove love handles plz

  26. Laura Ceown says:

    I am gonna do this everyday, I'll tell you if I see any change so far my waist is 21 inches, wish me luck 😅

  27. I'm going to try this today with another work out I found let's see if I can get and for my 32 birthday in November 4 can't wait. Thanks for sharing. New sub here.

  28. "touch one toe…" Touches heel

  29. Banga Boo says:

    I’m gonna do this for 30 days straight will keep updated

    Day one was hard so I did slack off a little bit so there is room for improvement

  30. threadyicons says:

    Vicky, what gives you the motivation to stay healthy?😭💞

  31. yadi.noone says:

    I need some motivation
    (Sorry, some hate these but i actually need help 😂)
    1 like= 1 day I do it

  32. shazi ahhmed says:

    This has been so helpful to me and am already shaping up. thanks dolls

  33. I’m trying to work on the bottom of my body and judging from the comments this is a good workout! How long should I do this for I was thing two months?

  34. Couldn't do the last one..I'm going t keep trying though

  35. Guys i need some tough love insult motivation. Please😢i need to stop quitting after the 4th day i never get past that damn 4th😥😥😥

  36. Tanay Rangel says:

    Would this work on all body types?? I’d like to know 😁

  37. xiiJackie R says:

    Will the results cone faster if you do this 2-3 times for 5 days?

  38. Emma says:

    Will this also give you flat abs ?

  39. Gonna try these!! Thanks ❤️ hard to find a good workout video sometimes but this was really good

  40. Kali Xander says:

    Thank you so much for making your videos! They motivate me everyday to do them and after only 3 days I can see my stomach is shrinking and I’m getting the v line in my lower abs!

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