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Hey guys!
A lot of you have been requesting to see my workout routine and I am finally giving it to you! I just started a solid routine this summer but I still have lots of work to do. Comment down below what your workout routine is like!


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Thank you so much for watching and thank you for your continued support! I would not be where I am without you guys. You are the best. I love you all! Xoxo

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26 Responses

  1. I never knew that there was a stair climber hahaha

  2. Girl I am so jealous on how beautiful you are even when you workout. And you are so inspiring to me with almost everything you do on your channel

  3. m a says:

    where do u find the time to do this? Since i have to go to school I really have little time to work out I work out for 45 mins but that's just for xc and track which if you think about it we rarely do ab work outs its sometimes just stretch and start running.

  4. nylotus says:

    Who else watched this in bed while eating lol…

  5. Your my favorite! Keep up with these amazing videos!

  6. Emma W says:

    Where did you get your outfit? It's adorable!!!!

  7. Sia Faber says:

    I do a lot of dance for five days a week

  8. Elle Kesler says:

    My workout routine is getting out of bed

  9. Megan Marie says:

    Currently doing the LIIFT 4 program. It’s on Beachbody on Demand. It’s such a great 8 week routine. It’s only 4 days a week and workouts are 30-40mins. Seriously you’ll get AMAZING results

  10. PBJ SW says:

    Wow! You have really good form👍

  11. lock heart says:

    I do deep stretching, but i want to start working out again. I used to focus on abs but I don't know what to do to get smaller calves

  12. majo Mendes says:

    This makes me feel bad,im watching this while im eating pizza 😓😐

  13. lock heart says:

    ive been waiting for this!!!

  14. Evie Tini says:

    love you so much and i love your book

  15. Coco Tube says:

    Chloe. You were my favorite dancer in dance moms. You’ve inspired me to keep going, and you are my idol. I love you a lot and don’t forget that.

  16. Gecko Master says:

    I’m like “ YAY!! CHLOEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”

  17. We have classes at the gym five minutes away from my house so it's based off the time when when the first class starts I will get there a little early. So I can relax on the ball I will sit on it. Aand move around on it. cause it helps out with my balance but so much a d the instructors are saying I'm doing better as a result of the that and am doing better in classes I will make sure I have my stuff ready for class first and have one to the bathroom. That's a must cause we jump around a lot but we do strength and toning boot camp stuff to Cycling We will use the step sometimes and we do Zumba I help straighten up around the room t ok so it's not so cluttered it was prior to an agreement to one of the the instructors. Who arranged the room so that she can project her Cathe DVDs on the back wall for Tuesday nights One of the members had her opinion on it. and doesn't like it. but that's not my problem that's hers I love how it makes me feel needed by that doesn't my friend and that other woman needs to take a chill pill and get off my back

  18. Aimy Legrand says:

    U bring a smile to my face 😁❤️❤️❤️

  19. Aimy Legrand says:


  20. Linda Jones says:

    Man only if I wasn’t watching this I would be able to workout 😉

  21. Chloe! I was just watching you on dance moms.

  22. 💞💞💞💞Love 💕

  23. I would love to see a what I eat In a day

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