Welcome back everyone! Today’s video is about my weekly workout schedule and what I do at the gym.

Please note that this is just what I’m doing for now. It does change depending on my goals, my work/life schedule, my diet etc.

Also know that there is no one-size-fits-all workout schedule! I talk about it in the video and explain what are important factors you need to consider when putting together a workout plan.

Don’t assume you can just get a workout guide off the Internet and expect it to work. It’s all about finding the best workout schedule and routine that fits YOU!

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32 Responses

  1. Chloe Ting says:

    Any other SCHEDULING RELATED questions you all have? I'll try to answer as many, feel free to chime in as well!

  2. sai bhavani says:

    What is the pullup bar machine model

  3. Alicia Ng says:

    If my lower body is quite fat and upper body is normal, do I need to do just leg workout?

  4. Guia Viray says:

    Hi Chloe ! Thank you for this ❤️ Something I’d really love to see from you is an arm exercise that won’t bulk up the shoulders or trapezius muscles. An apartment friendly cardio workout would be great too!

    You’ve been helping me transform my body and my life for the healthier and better since I’ve found your videos, lots of love to you ❤️💪

  5. Could you consider touching on some hamstring isolation? They're so hard to growww

  6. Super videos as always. And can you do a workout video for busy people who wants to lose weight?

  7. What lipstick are you wearing? Love your videos ♥

  8. ASMAA says:

    your workout are my fav workout eveeer lov u

  9. Lissy Choi says:

    Can I do home based workout with just socks on😅cuz it’s indoors lol

  10. Tam Nhu Tran says:

    Please do a core specific workout (i really need to tatget my back and love handles) without any equipment please! My legs have been looking AMAZINGGGG thanks to you!

  11. Win Zee T says:

    Very helpful! I'm mainly doing home workouts, which means a lot of hiit and it gets boring 😂 I have to shake it up a little. Thank you! Btw love your editing! Perhaps you can add related/recommended videos in the cards?

  12. thoebee says:

    I started out like you too!😍 home based first, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells then l‘m now at the stage of trying to use more machines! 😁

  13. Lip color matches the top!
    , Nice!💗

  14. mark v says:

    Chloe can you do an blast fat on arms workout? Also a workout on how to get a big butt without big
    thighs at home?

  15. can you tell us how many calories are burnt for each video ??? i’m always confused bcs you never mention them :((((

  16. Helen Park says:

    Can u pls do a gym vlog

  17. Helen Park says:

    Did anyone realise her mascara? No hate btw u look beautiful

  18. Lydia says:

    I need advice😭 I only do home workouts, like I do your videos and others at home for glutes. Like u said I don't want a big booty. I just want mine round like yours loll because I'm okay with being petite💯 so could I just increase the weight of my dumbbells and ankle weights and achieve a toned booty like yours?😂 and I can only eat like 2300 calories a day sometimes 2500

  19. лунита says:

    I love how you explain everything! Just makes me feel like im going the right way with my routine :). Thanks for all your hard work in these videos :D!

  20. Thanks for this chole. Being a student, there's never really any good advice involving no pay. I'm extreming proud to be trying some of these ideas after losing 1 stone already. Also really loved how you bounced back this year, your so glowy.

  21. Shark week, gotta use that one

  22. Thank you so much because i work out in two week i have little abs ya😂😂😂im so happy nut im sad because my arms 11 inc i want small arms and thank you for your vedio i can download thank you and God bless😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  23. Maya Tanner says:

    How long do you normally workout for?

  24. Clara Park says:

    I used to have horrifying cramps during my period. .. Now i take birth control pills and barely get period so.. im just working out at the gym… Love your workout and other videos.. !!!

  25. Aom Toga says:

    # Chloe Ting 연결을 백만에 올리기

  26. Ana Lee says:

    please do another outer thigh workout and a calves workout , love your channel

  27. Thank you for your content. You're the best 😘😘😘

  28. luna izzo says:

    Did you just read my mind? Hahaha, i was looking someone who explain me how to do a good schedule. Love you a lot ❤❤

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