hi loves! here’s my new workout routine while i’m in school & a haul of a ton of new gym clothing i got to workout in!
visit to get 2 pairs of leggings for $24!!

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22 Responses

  1. hi lovesss!! so this is my v realistic workout routine! I know on IG and across social media we see a lot of intense and amazing looking videos glorifying workouts, but i want u to see (and know) it's okay to do things at your own pace!! it's all about being healthy in whatever way works for u!! if u think this workout is too easy, then go harder!! if u think this workout is too hard, then tone it down!! just wanted to put that disclaimer, and remind u i make these videos to just give u ideas and motivate u! love u & hope ur workin hard!

  2. it’s only cheap if you do it through their membership option otherwise it’s sooo expensive for one item, and i haven’t heard any good reviews about the vip membership which sucks because their stuff is really nice.

  3. I love your workout routine. Please do one for abs one day ❤️

  4. Needed this before gym! Thank you 💕

  5. Omg body goals!!!!! You’re so inspiring, I love how confident you are😁 ur so gorgeous and your vids are so entertaining!!<33

  6. Célia P says:

    Everytime i watch your workout videos i feel so motivated to start being healthy and lose weight! but the next day i lose this motivation and that makes me so sad because i'm really trying for many years now but i can't keep this motivation… Will you make a video about that topic?
    I also want to thank you because i love your videos and your advice are always so helpful, love you <3
    Oh and i'm sorry if my english is not perfect haha

  7. Dea Hasanaj says:

    This workout is pretty amazing!!!

  8. mentaa241 says:

    If you are wondering when the routine starts, its 6:14

  9. I love your videos, I'm french 😂♥️

  10. Whats up guys!! Im currently attending UCLA and looking for people to film lifts with. Im 20yrs old 6'2 205 and made a big transformation in my life it can be seen on my channel its my first post. It would mean a lot if you came and checked out my channel and throw me a SUB I WILL SUB BACK. I make workout videos but I have fun with them and make it enjoyable for everyone to watch. HMU and let me know what u guys think. Lets help each other out!!!

  11. ♡♡♡♡♡♡ ur my fave youtuber

  12. I was just about to get the leggings deal and on the last step I found out they don’t ship to Australia 😭

  13. Where did you get your ugh light from

  14. anna mirt says:

    this video is inspiring to keep up with my workout journey that I'm gonna lie I pushed in the side this summer, I might order those beautiful lilac leggings 😍

  15. Tegan Grace says:

    LATE SQUAD WHERE WE AT?!?! Who else loves Liv?!

    btw I’m a small youtuber x

  16. Amy Ramirez says:

    ooo girl i just bought some leggingsss

  17. My body started to burn and I started to feel tired. I'm proud of you. Love.

  18. Nalân says:

    when you stopped at the beginning and said i make new videos every week i felt my heart break… "i make new videos every monday and friday!" ahhh missed that

  19. Loved this video:) just ordered 2 pairs of leggings 😊 I’m motivated !!

  20. So I watched your video from when you had just started working out. In the video you said you had only been working out for 4 or 5 months. And I just found it again because I’m starting my fitness journey back up and now I just found this one and you look amazing and it’s awesome to see it come full circle!❤️❤️❤️

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