The perfect workout to get the best contact in your quads!

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In this session, we will use a lot of eccentric training to really get the best contact and tension in our quad muscles. We will be doing both free weight and machine exercises. Full workout and exercises are listed below:

1.Leg kicks machine/leg extensions TUT
a) Normal extensions, 10 reps
b) Eccentric leg extensions 3 set x 10 reps. Push the way up like usual, but hold it a bit extra on the way down. This way you put the muscle under tension even more, and force it to work on the eccentric phase.

2. Smith squats 3 set x 10 reps
Superset with “sitting chair” 10sec. Lean a bit back towards the barbell on your upper back. Stand shoulder wide with your feet, place them a bit forward and keep your back straight through the whole exercise. Finish with the “chair” position.

3. Sissy squats TUT 3 set x 10 reps. To make it more challenging we will stand on something with our heels, in this case a weight plate.

4. Goblet squats 3 set x 10 reps

5. One leg pistol squats

6. Front cable squats TUT 3 set x 10 reps. Think about having your back straight up, lock your upper body and let your legs work alone.

7. Single leg kick machine TUT 3 set x 5-10 reps/per leg. Use both legs on the way up, but only one leg when going down.

8. Jumps 2 set x 10 jumps. This is a good finisher instead of like cardio. It’s going to burn in all of your lower body, trust me! If you don’t have a stair available you can use a step-up box or something like that.

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38 Responses

  1. Hi Hanna. Really like this quad workout. Love the way you made this exercise video so informative and simple. 👍👏I was looking for something like this. Thanks You! BTW… How long did it take for you to get muscular legs?

  2. Literally I’m a girl and I can’t pay attention because I’m admiring how beautiful you are like legit

  3. DIVORXES says:

    Such a BEAST!! Girl u are such an inspiration. I want to be like you sooo bad. Gonna try this today at the gym. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dana S says:

    I don’t have access to gym I’m working out at home I started with low weights high rep and exercise with bands I want to increase my butt size 3 inches Someone told me that doing low weights high rep will make your butt smaller ? I don’t know if that’s Wright

  5. I gotta tell u girl I'm very glad I came across this video just before I started my leg training too.. not even jay Cutler makes it look this easy.. Like and suscribed for sure bbygirl 💕 Greeting's from Chicago👋👏👌🏼

  6. Falko Stark says:

    you are beautiful, shame that you ruined your body with tattoos…

  7. B White says:

    Very good workout!!!!

  8. Thank you! The stress and growth always goes to my gluteus and I know I used to be able to feel it in my quads and hamstrings when I thought about it but it’s been harder. I can see by the way you are moving it’s gonna go to the quads. Muscle mind connection is real! I don’t have a gym just a set at home, and I can do everything just not the kick machine. That you I’ll try this tomorrow!

  9. While doing cable squat my back is paining is it normal

  10. Yes I would love to see more of this type of video thank you

  11. I like the workout technique videos since I don’t have a personal trainer and I work out at home. 👍🏽

  12. sidellwork says:

    Did this workout today and got a nice quad pump! Thanks:)

  13. Afanofthem says:

    I clicked as soon as I saw a Swedish name because I lived in Sweden for half a year and I know how good you guys are in gym. Miss Hanna just proved me right!

  14. Hanna is the best instructor every part of the body she know how to work it out precisely well plus she has an amazon personality never a deadbeat downer..

  15. This was an awesome workout. Trained quads today and after tht finisher…oh my gad! Tht hit the next level. Thank you

  16. 😍 se ve pesadisima la rutina, pero a darle ¡¡¡

  17. J Nagra says:

    You look like my x girlfriend. Dam I miss tapping that ass. 🍑

  18. Omg this is so helpful Hanna! I get intimidated by myself on solo workouts but this reminds me to challenge myself!!

  19. I did this workout and I could hardly walk the next day! 😂 So it definitely works 😃👌

  20. I'm gonna give this a try.

  21. Great video! Thanks! Just wondering, I need to build up my quads for running, but I noticed most ppl who have huge quads don’t have a thigh gap. Just curious is this because they’re not focusing on the inner thigh?

  22. Brenda B says:

    I gave this whole workout a try , and I must say by the end I fell on the stairs lol my legs felt like jello.

  23. The end had me dying no really so funny 😂😍♥️

  24. Loved the video, thank you.

  25. Jessica F says:

    Great exercises I love it and felt the pain…

  26. Norvan Smith says:

    I got legs today… ima give it a try tonight… I'll let u kno if i can walk bck to my phone

  27. Belosh A says:

    Can you do a Video about your sneakers you wear in all your gym Videos? 😍🙈

  28. My 5 kg. Weights look like a dinner plate! I thought you were lifting 45 k. Plates, this is how big our 45 ‘ s are.

  29. JGS Music says:

    This lady knows her shit.. this really works

  30. Houria Salmi says:

    U are a beast more motivation with ur video thx

  31. Today’s workout. 🙏 thanks. 🤗

  32. I recently subscribed to you. I love your videos. Great personality🤩. I really like that you explain 🤓and even better you put the exercises in he description. 👋🏾

  33. Staff 66 says:

    My quads a lagging , I’m here for research

  34. RASHMI H says:

    excellent help you give me

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