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40 Responses

  1. VFXbroGaming says:

    wow how come youre only doing 3 and a half plates for 3 on squat, i remember you used to be able to do 405 for 5

  2. Do you have a rough macro breakdown?

  3. mefody says:

    Trying to become Green Arrow IRL

  4. One Blue Boi says:

    who went through and liked all the comments?

  5. One Blue Boi says:

    Cooking, yoga, archery???
    you having a midlife crisis or what?

  6. One Blue Boi says:

    bro just to let you know, you can't accurately measure body fat through the feet like that lol..

  7. You’re my inspiration 💪🏼

  8. ;-; says:

    You added too much food to that salt

  9. Chada Beats says:

    He looks kinda lonely

  10. Huy Luong says:

    14-15 transformation video out now!!!!!!

  11. what subject have you
    studied to know the knowledge of nutrition?

  12. Guillaume says:

    what's with david shrugging between reps? is it to develop traps or just to reset the bar

  13. Luke Barber says:

    finally the hairs growing back :))))))))))))

  14. Cody Geewin says:

    Putting way to much salt!! Not be really healthy if you're adding butter and salt.

  15. Cris Romero says:

    Bro you're a great person, awesome the video

  16. if you are at 16-17% bodyfat things arent looking good for me

  17. TaylorEZE says:

    So for leg workout you only did squats and deadlifts?

  18. TheTazzman11 says:

    This has been the vest video youve made this year. I love this david.

  19. SEAN GIBNEY says:

    Fuck me david u drink alot of orange juice

  20. Jim says:

    Is the sugar from OJ/juices not a big deal?

  21. Rajan Deep says:

    Looks like you are on off cycle.

  22. If u ain’t screaming or grunting during a workout then are u really working out ? Lol

  23. Dude drinks no water 🤔

  24. Rajan Deep says:

    Bruh.. what happened your strength only 3 plates deadlift and 3 plate squat.

  25. Neglected my 2 month old daughter to watch the new upload😎

  26. So many niggas advertise that scale😂

  27. Senseless says:

    What's the benefits of intaking a lot of sodium before the gym ?

  28. Ziad Ashraf says:

    How is he 16% bodyfat?

  29. JL S says:

    Hey David your thumbnail pic is awesome. Now that we got that outta the way, can I please use your thighs as earmuffs? 🙂

  30. Loooove this kind of videos

  31. redshift says:

    The scale uses bioelectrical impedance, a method which can only be reliable if all variables like hydration level, time after last meal, thickness of skin on your feet, ambient air and skin temp, and even body position are controlled. There are other methods like underwater weighing, DEXA scan, and skinfold testing which can be more accurate as long as they are performed by competent practitioners.

  32. Jairo says:

    1m 2019.. I can feel it

  33. Brady _27 says:

    What weight scale do you have???

  34. Dominick nicolai uses the same weight scale

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