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Unknown Brain & Rival – Control (ft. Jex)

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43 Responses

  1. MY-Fitness says:

    Anyone know the name of the belt David uses?

  2. Dob says:

    Dude it takes you so long to chop everything up because you have that chode of a knife haha get a bigger knife and you'll cut everything faster

  3. Tucker Kelly says:

    I love these longer videos

  4. Zahkarii says:


  5. These are the videos we want big man. No the videos we NEED.

  6. Лэйд хорош,гиф отличная идея)@destoni_

  7. Alex Becar says:

    I just can't believe that after the nuke Ryan dropped people still think this skinny bitch is nautural.

  8. TwiX 10UP says:

    what s that kick he s doing with his butt before lifting up ?

  9. G G says:

    Интересно прочитаешь ли ты это по русски?) что бы узнать, что есть подписчики в России. Я по твоим видео английский учу и заряжаюсь на тренировку.

  10. Chawp says:

    Fking LMAO, Tossin the psilocybin in the omlete hahaha

  11. Your gonna be a vary good father one day😀

  12. Well this was um, different

  13. gchamandayo says:


  14. Wait wait wait
    Avocado looks like a small testicle?😮

  15. Jenni Mares says:

    we need more of Julia in the vids. she seems like a sweetheart

  16. im admiring the gains bro! lol, looking sick!

  17. is James just in the store 24 hours a day

  18. augusteeeee says:

    12:30 should had been the thumbnail! very nice ligthing.

  19. kevin tom says:

    Fr great video. I don't usually comment but fuck man great fucking video

  20. Dylan Hart says:

    It’s confirmed David is natty, according to him an egg size avocado is a SMALL testicle 1:58

  21. Gage1251 says:

    Он русский?

  22. absolutely amazing video

  23. khyoman says:

    So glad dave is back youtubing

  24. Logan Gagne says:

    Quality of this vid is on point💪🏼

  25. these niggas just bigger and leaner bro wtf.
    strength always up and down but you idiots still dont know they are all on gear lmao

  26. You’re personality was very very different in this video it felt like……

  27. He has a gf????!!!!!😩😢😢😢😡💕

  28. BurnedSpace says:

    omelette??? that’s fucking scrambled eggs you ape

  29. dang didn't know u speak Russian

  30. JimmyD55 says:

    1:56 Dave does magic mushrooms??

  31. kevin quinn says:

    Your longtime friend seems to be a prime example of natural strength. Pulling 495 after not lifting for a few months?! That kids strong as an ox.

  32. So OJ is actually good for you? or why does David drink so much of it

  33. Squire5854 says:

    Hey man I love ur vids especially ur old raw workouts i'd love to win this giveaway

  34. must suck being off your sarms cycle and pushing this yoga bullshit onto people

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