Best Chest Workout At Home For Men – The Full Dumbbell Routine

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** Best Chest Workout At Home For Men – The Full Dumbbell Routine **

If you’re looking for an effective chest routine that you can do right at home, then I have great news for you. Because in this in-depth guide, I’m going to walk you through a complete chest routine, including the proper forms, sets & reps, that you can do with minimal equipment at home for great results. And as a bonus, your going to get some recommendations on supplementary exercises for your shoulders, triceps, etc. that you can use at the end of this routine.

Now, before we dive into the exact chest workout routine at home for men, we need to first answer this fundamental question. What makes this the best chest workout routine for men to do at home? Great question and the answer comes down these 3 fundamentals.

#1 Minimal Equipment

This one’s pretty obvious. When looking at the best at home workouts, we need to keep the equipment load as light as possible, really no more than a bench and some dumbbells. Barbells can be useful as well, but they have less variety in terms of use and dumbbells are actually much safer on our joints.

#2 Well Rounded Exercises

The key to any great muscle building routine, especially when working on a single muscle group, is stacking exercises that complement each other. In other words, exercises that target different areas of that muscle group for a well-rounded workout. And as you’ll discover in this video, each of the three chest exercises in this at home workout is specifically designed to target the three different areas of the pectoralis major (main chest muscle).

#3 Using the Most Effective Exercises

This is a no-brainer, right? Of course, we want to use the best exercises in the best chest workout. But I bring this up because a lot of guys don’t know about the best way to determine what the best exercises actually are. Using science. These exercises I picked for this best chest workout are based on EMG studies that show the maximum muscle activation for each motion. These were at the top of the chest class.

So, we got some of the theory behind the best chest workout for men to do at home out of the way. Now, let’s dive into the form tutorials and full demonstration of this chest workout.

The Best At Home Chest Workout Demonstration & Guide

#1 Slight Decline DB Bench Press (1:25)
#2 Incline DB Bench Press (5:10)
#3 Low Incline DB Flys (7:00)
#4 Shoulders & Tricep Work (9:41)
– DB Shoulder Press (11:07)
– Skull Crushers (11:57)

Your friends here at the FFP,

-Dr. Balduzzi + The Men’s Health Experts @ The Fit Father Project

**Disclaimer: This information is for reference purposes ONLY and cannot replace personal information you can and should discuss with your Doctor. If you have any concerns about your health, you should see your Doctor immediately. Results vary by individual, so we do not guarantee you will get the same results as any shown here or on our website.

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  1. Nice video. i enjoyed this video all situations. this will make more fun. thank you for sharing.

  2. Mirin…. But… How much do you bench brah????

  3. I always appreciate the work you put into these videos, thanks!

  4. Chris Temmer says:

    Definitely my weakest area. Gonna check this out

  5. This is great. Ive been trying to improve my chest. I think this will really help me improve

  6. Chris woakes says:

    its really a good workout for chest, Also a easy one. Thanks for sharing us this video. I will follow this from now.

  7. great routine doctor. I love doing bench

  8. auhona shuva says:

    I started it myself, this container is very good and effective thanks to sharing the video.

  9. Ste Ven says:

    I'm so glad you made a video on this, I usually can only workout from home and only have dumbbells and thought it was basically hopeless to focus on my chest at home with just that. I'm so excited to start doing this routine, gonna wake up early tomorrow just to try it!

  10. estoy loco says:

    Amazing video, feeling the urge to do this in a hurry!

  11. i've been showing these videos to my uncle, hopefully he listens and lays off the doughnuts :/ i'll ask my cousin later…..

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  13. very informative professional presentation keep it up bro

  14. I love this exercise. It was easy for me to do.

  15. niftybabs says:

    This is great info..thanks for sharing!

  16. Simon says:

    I am very keen to watch this video because these particular workouts are what I am most concerned about.I want to know how to grow my chest in the best way.

  17. I've been getting bored with my usual chest exercises and want something new, thanks!

  18. Toma Lipa says:

    I seen huge chest gains from this workout

  19. impressive chest workouts for us guys to do at home.

  20. John T says:

    i love ur explanation and demonstration of the workout. Never seen a channel go so in depth about working out. I appreciate it a lot man!

  21. Lily Talk says:

    Great Best Chest Workout and all of the tips a very useful.

  22. kavi viji says:

    I looking for this kind of video! Thank you for sharing!

  23. emjay2d says:

    Good info as usual. Doc looking SWOLEEEEE as usual.

  24. azrael1204 says:

    These are great chest workouts, thanks for posting

  25. Bill Wood says:

    This would work for me thanks.

  26. jbird1777 says:

    This video about the best chest workout was great! I learned a lot new things and definitely recommend checking it out.

  27. I love the fact that minimal equipment is needed for this and can be done at home. You don't emphasise going to the gym and getting expensive stuff. Kudos to you for your genuineness.

  28. Arthur Curry says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips. These tips make a big difference in benefit and reduced injury.

  29. soso liban says:

    Dr. thank you for this awesome well-explained, easy chest workout. lots of men will find it helpful because you can do this exercise at home!

  30. My left shoulder has been giving me issues for a few months now making it really hard to do bench presses – thank for sharing that incline bench tip, mate! You have no idea how much all the info you offer here is helping me!

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