Kelli’s Superset Total Body Strength Workout: Calorie Torching, Muscle Building, Fat Burning Workout

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23 Responses

  1. Kelli included all my favorite exercises in this routine which happened to be very effective at the same time so I ended up getting a great workout and having fun for 24 minutes! Thanks a lot, Kelli!

  2. Hans Rana says:

    Thanks Kelli you're a star

  3. I did this yesterday morning and I'm still feeling the soreness on my butt !!

  4. I didn't even realize this video was 3.5 years old! Thanks for helping me stay motivated to workout Kelli! You're an inspiration!

  5. Noldy says:

    Skipped the last round cause I already did an intensive upper body session the other day.

    Workout complete 14.10.2018 – 5.18 PM #FBFit

  6. J.M.C. G. says:

    10/12/18 Completed. This was a nice one. I should do it with Neil. I did a warm up and cool down on my own.

  7. I just did that last superset with my baby on my back and sitting on my hips during those chest presses. Oh my gosh. That hurt. 😂😂 #momlife I am drenched!

  8. I use 2 kg it okay cuz I don’t have any another dumbbell

  9. Amna Hassan says:

    who else is dead and full of sweat!!?

  10. Ellen says:

    just what I was looking for! Thank you for making these short workouts for a great start to my day!

  11. I've never done strength training before and I just died and went to heaven

  12. Hello Hi says:

    Day 1 of FB 30. I hope I can do this. I will try and update here, maybe every week.

    About this workout: I used 2.5kg dumbbells. It wasn’t too bad but I did this one a couple days ago but I’m only starting now with this program.
    I have to admit, I could hardly do the wall sit so I didn’t use the dumbbell.

    Also, I could only use one dumbbell with both hands for the side lunge ventral raises. I really am weak 😅

    Edit: So… I just decided to do FB Burn instead, since I think that’s more the kind of a program that I want to do. So tomorrow (August 15th, 2018) I’m gonna start with FB Burn Round 2

  13. I felt sick today but still wanted to work out. This was nice that it wasn't too bouncy :). Short and strong. 🙂

  14. Love this workout, I've gotten stronger and health. Now I added a 2min cycling in between each pair of strength exercise and I'm adding 3-6 lbs more weights than Kelli suggest. Thanks Fitness Blender crew, keep up the excellent work. God Bless

  15. Dallas Stone says:

    Love total body workout like this one it’s awesome

  16. Oh gosh… I was doing this after one of your cardio workout and now my muscles are mocking my fats 😅😅 my fats are crying….💪thank you guys…

  17. I love u Kelli! Thank u for all your wonderful workouts

  18. Noldy says:

    I moved into a new house last Friday and ever since I've had some back pain. I did some yoga workouts throughout the week but they didn't completely relieve the pain but after doing the deadlifts I feel relieved. Wow!

    Workout complete 9.06.2018 – 5.57am #FB30

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