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I often get asked what my full workout program and training routine looks like – so I thought I’d cover it in this video. I’ll cover what my training split looks like (how I split up my chest, back, traps, arms, shoulders, abs, and legs workouts throughout the week) – but more importantly, I’ll go through why I use that workout split over others. I’ll also cover my personal diet, cardio and abs routine at the moment as well as often overlooked routines that I incorporate such as my mobility and prehab routine. Although my routine right now is geared towards fat loss as opposed to building muscle, similar concepts apply and I’ll show you how you can implement what I do into your own routine. Enjoy!

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2x/week training frequency:
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25 Responses

  1. Hey I'm a female who just recently started watching your videos. I find them very informative and helpful. I know a lot of girls believe that if they lift weights they will look "manly" but I know this is just a common misconception. I was wondering if all the info you provide can also be applied to women or if there should be minor changes made?? Can you please start including more of this info? Thank you for the great videos!!! 🙂

  2. etfboy450 says:

    How long are your workouts?

  3. Walter Mahil says:

    for is good go for Full Body Workout or Split?can I trains biceps & triseps same day?thanks

  4. TonyYT says:

    Dude you have the best videos, thank you 🙏🏻

  5. sparkling water????? grooooooosss lol

  6. what if you want to hit emphasis on a specific muscle group that is lacking? like chest?

  7. Joe Coe says:

    Would have helped more if you explained what actual exercises you do for each session. You also said you have three large meals per day. What do you eat for those large meals and what do you eat for smaller meals.

  8. edgarsoccer6 says:

    This guy will be the go to person about lifting in the future soo young yet he has soo much knowledge

  9. Aaron Oyster says:

    Jeremy,, I assume this routine is just tailored to your goals/needs, because in general, most all personal trainers agree that you shouldn't spend more than 3-4 days/week at the gym. I'm not trying to say either of us is right while the other is blatantly wrong; I'm just trying to discern a general rule of thumb to follow for training my muscles.

  10. Jamiah Liyah says:

    Your back tho.🙄😍😍😍😍😍

  11. Max Tan says:

    How do most of us who spend the whole day outside everyday have time to prepare for the food part?

  12. Good video, but no need for an annoying drum snare playing in the background.

  13. SHARK224 says:

    I cannot five days workout, so how to use the program

  14. raghu bhairi says:

    You are thin.You are not a bodybuilder or atleast your body structure is not appropriate make these kind of videos

  15. Greg Carr says:

    Consider switching to Thinkific over Teachable. Look up the comparison online.

  16. Luka Laurick says:

    Thank's for the good video! How often do you train your abs per week and what workouts do you use?

  17. what do you think of one day one muscle routine

  18. John West says:

    Hey Jeremy I have a serious question. I used to weigh 125 about a month and a half ago now I weigh 150 and I finally look pretty good and fit/muscular but I have a bit of a tummy. I used a weight gainer for about a month or two lightly but I don’t wana look skinny again so how could I lose the belly fat but not get too skinny?

  19. How do you properly do a crunch? What are the best workouts for abs?

  20. 은지 says:

    can you elaborate with the all upper body muscles day? Is this where you do everything from abs, biceps,triceps, chest, delts, back etc…? or am I missing something here?

  21. Naru taru says:

    When he's showing his workout routine what does he mean when he says x2 or x1

    Mon : Chest/Shoulders/Triceps x1
    Fri : all upper body muscles x2
    What does Jeremy mean by that? I'd like to run something pretty similar but not sure what those numbers mean.

  22. Can you do a video on a 3 day fullbody split please!!!

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