The Health Guru Who Eats 5,000 Calories in One Meal & Says He’s Healthy

Health guru and Instagram sensation Blake Horton shares the reasoning behind his extreme intermittent fasting and eating routine, which consists of having one 5,000-calorie meal per day. Find out how he’s eating to lose weight.

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21 Responses

  1. I am the same way with my eating habits as this guy. He’s not alone. It has immensely helped my health. I’m so healthy, although I try to not have more than 3k in 3 days sometimes 2. I have lost weight since I have started.

  2. Ali Naderzad says:

    clearly this is completely ridiculous and Blake is a freak of nature who simply won the genetic lottery and is now making bank as a result of it. 90% of the population, who does not have the same genetic makeup, but who would follow this improbable way of eating, would balloon up and die of diabetes or heart disease within three years. Really irresponsible of Oz to bring this person on his show.

  3. Super Man says:

    "…I didn't know anybody else who was doing that". Right, you just missed the point with 1.5 billion people (Muslims) who do this for 30 consecutive days every year.

  4. Reem Mohd says:

    Wasn’t this doctor on trail for fake claims
    What happened after that?

  5. kerry says:

    i dont agree with eating so much junk, even on IF, but agree that IF is good for you and downright curbs cravings… though maybe 2 meals a day is better, as the stomach wont have to expand so much if you have the food in two sittings.

  6. DYLYN MAGNO says:

    They have that kind of diet it’s called fasting and feasting they have time you need to eat any kind and a lot of food you can , but you have time that you don’t need to eat or you need to stop eating , and I did this I lost some weights, I only eat evening before go bed too

  7. Sodium 8046!!

    You're average person just hears that and thinks "8 thousand and some.. that's a pretty big number.. it must mean bad. I'll never eat 8 thousand.. grains of salt in one sitting"

    Its mg, in all likelihood, and depending on what you're doing, increased levels of iodized salt can actually be beneficial for a healthy thyroid, though you probably wouldn't want to be consuming 8000mg of salt daily. Idk, I eat a lot of salt, and I'm pretty damn fit, healthy, and youthful looking. Not to brag or anthing, it wasn't always the case.

    When most heavy people look at this guy, or any of these fit people, and think to themselves "Clearly I'm just a different type of person than he is", they don't understand how much thought this guy actually puts into his diet and exercise. He's been working hard on it for years and years. Try to actually count your nutrients on a daily for a couple of months.. It's so much work! And yes, I use my fitness pal. And eating 4 pounds of vegetables. That meal wouldn't be an enjoyable experience after he's half way through it.

  8. K says:

    Oh my lord this is a dream come true! This is a lifestyle change I'd be willing to make 😃

  9. This is just intermittent fasting

  10. Graeme Mudie says:

    This Dr has obviously not read the Chinese Study

  11. kenboyaka says:

    All doctor Oz wanted to do was trash Blake's system, despite seeing the facts & Blake telling him it's not junk food as it's healthier versions. Intimitent fasting works, as long as it's done properly with a calorie deficit. It's working for me!

  12. Dr.Giggles says:

    When ya eat a lot you spike your insulin which prevents your body from burning fat. If you don't eat for a while you give your body time to get to insulin levels low enough for your to burn fat. HGH also goes up which increases your fat burning and preserves your muscles. That's the bare bones explanation.

  13. In 1999 i weighted 316 pounds decided i was going to lift weights and started eating 1 meal a day, i was told that is the most unhealthy way of eating NOW ITS FUCKEN CALLED INTERMITTENT FASTING. I SWEAR I THOUGHT OF IDEAS THAT MAKE PEOPLE MILLIONS TODAY IN THE YEAR 2000S. DAMMMIT I SHOULD BE RICH

  14. I love omad and do it myself, but seriously this guy is genetically gifted for sure. Or he's works out a lot or something.

  15. He eats 5k calories….NOT EVERY FUCKING DAY you stupid yanks. Even if he did, if he was burning 3,000 a day he'd be maintaining his BF.

  16. Nate Zhu says:

    It depends on the person I guess. WHen I do it, I get extreme fatigue, dizziness, TERRIBLE acid reflux, extreme mood fluctiations and energy levels.
    So I eat twice a day instead of once.

  17. Levi Corey says:

    I just eat anything and everything all day long.
    No weight gain here

  18. Gfreezy619 says:

    Don't fogert genetics. Definitely a high metabolizer

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