I Tried Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Workout Plan | MOTIVATION

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35 Responses

  1. Rob any podcasts recommendations??

  2. Lmao I'm literally in 6th year and I don't know what the hell to study in college

  3. Opie says:

    love dat irish aldi 😀

  4. Daniel Tree says:

    Glad your back! Miss your videos

  5. one of the best video uploaded on youtube, AMAZING!!!

  6. MichaelF244 says:

    Arnold Junior has posted again, let’s go.

  7. Donald Aho says:

    Great channel bro trying to build mine like yours very inspirational

  8. You deserve millions of subscribers

  9. jodie carty says:

    Do you stick by the same plan every week or change it up?.

  10. Inez Neal says:

    go swimming off the coast or ireland

  11. Rob, just wondering if your this motivated every day or do you have days were you dont feel as motivated and which takes an affect on your workout

  12. True, college isn’t a necessity for information. But it IS a necessity for the job I want.

    Trust me, I hated my time in college and didn’t use it for years after I graduated. It’s also common that you never use it. But in my case, it is required to obtain the profession.

  13. Mike Nunz says:

    Uh oh, Rise gear making it's way into the Vlogs…On a side note, I have several Rise items, as does my girlfriend and they are excellent 😉

  14. God, you're inspiring. I always feel motivated after watching your vids.

  15. Jessica Parr says:

    When you were talking to Ireland AM and talking about going to college, I have gone back to college and turned 34 a couple of weeks ago and love the course I am doing.

  16. Really needed to hear what you're preaching. Appreciate you fam, blesses for you and your loved ones ♥️

  17. Jack Gilbey says:

    4:005:30 ngl I think that my influence my life a little bit

  18. ROB WITH THE NAWLEDGE NUKE!! 💥Awesome vid as usual ❤️💪🏻

  19. Alex Ulici says:

    Another great video dropped by THE LAD! Thumbs up if you agree 👍!

  20. Tyler Chrome says:

    “turdy degrees” 😂 💩

  21. Alex Venkov says:

    Rob I literally started lifting with this program haha and followed it for 8 weeks straight, its a killer !

  22. Teg Fitness says:

    Great content bruh 👊🏾

  23. Kinda wanted to see some raw workout footage. Can you put some in your next vids? Keep up the grind!

  24. My two faves: Arnold and Lispetti Spaghetti

  25. Brian Gaskin says:

    Robs calves>Arnold’s Chest

  26. JosephSeo says:

    Two sick motivators in one video. Excellent.

  27. "Do everything 80% right, instead of a few things 100% right" – Lipsett 2019

  28. Angel Osorio says:

    If you rewatch Pumping Iron it’s funny how much of an ass Arnold was to Lou 😂

  29. Loon K. Do says:

    One of my biggest inspirations to making content on YT. You’re the man Rob

  30. Hey man do you’ve a Spotify playlist w your tunes? 😍

  31. This will be interesting! 💪💪💪💪💪

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