Get Fit in the New Year: My Workout Routine 2019!

Get Fit in the New Year: My Workout Routine 2019!
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Thank you guys so much for watching my 2019 workout/fitness routine! I hope this could motivate you to get healthier and more fit in the new year! x hails

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love you all to pluto and back, Hailey

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30 Responses

  1. sue j says:

    here’s the workout 💌

    – walk on treadmill for 3mins
    – run 1-2 miles @ speed 6.5 miles/hr

    30 secs for each:

    – jumping jacks
    – high knees
    – butt kicks
    – burpees
    – squats
    – squats jumps
    – squat pulses
    – sumo squats
    – skater lunges (1min)

    floor : (no break btwn exercises!)
    – leg lifts
    – fire hydrants
    – 90 ups
    – leg lifts side to side
    – 90 ups but pulling your leg in (?)
    repeat all on the other side

    – bridge raise
    – bridge raise moving up and down
    – bridge raise on 1 leg
    – bridge raise on 1 leg moving up and down

    – crunches
    – oblique crunch (regular crunch, twist to the side using obliques and pulse up) (1 min)
    – v crunch
    – leg lifts
    – single leg lifts (1 min)
    – when legs are in a v ?? formation, do crunches
    – reverse crunches
    – v leg lift
    – sideways leg lifts
    repeat all on the other side

    – side plank
    – plank (1 min)

    stretch (this is v important!)

  2. amie locker says:

    What shoes are you wearing?

  3. kaylaann xx says:

    I love your fitness videos sooo sooo much

  4. Kyle Miller says:

    Getting fit to the body is like learning to the mind! Time to tackle 2019!!!

  5. beb the v crunches thing u were saying is called the "cheerleading crunches" hehe

  6. Omg you gained weight, it looks so good on you😍

  7. Darja Dascha says:

    I have lost 3 kg. I mean its Not that much But i lost Healthy 3 kg. Motivation is in comming . I have a goal and hopefully achieve it. sorry if m Englisch is Not that good
    Have a nice day:)

  8. What camera does Hailey use? I’m a small youtuber and am looking to buy one!

  9. riana emily says:

    Hey does someone have this like written out?

  10. Yes do more work out routine

  11. Medina Ali says:

    can someone pls write the workout and its reps, much appreciated!!!!

  12. OMG I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!! AREN’T THEY such an inspiration!! they’ve inspired me in SOOO many ways that I even am creating tons of videos on my channel and I’d love for you to check them out and subscribe:)) I have one coming today as well! Check it out? OOO

  13. how many times should i do this workout a week?

  14. i really wanna start a workout motivation groupchat drop your snapchats and i’ll add you ! (if this flops, you never saw anything)

  15. Have u ever cleaned your mattress? How?


  17. im eating krispy kreme donut holes while watching this ;-;

  18. ava kaplan says:

    watching this while eating lucky charms.. i’m not doing well 😪

  19. Mrudul says:

    see I would do all of this but I get all excited and end up watching youtube instead…priorities amirite?

  20. Mrudul says:

    New Years resolution: get fit

    reality: cookies n chocolate all day every day

  21. I‘d love if you could do these workouts in real time!!!!! ❤️❤️

  22. i love memes says:

    Will this work if I'am 13? I have been trying everything to get rid of my flat ass

  23. Lmao I feel like you do this video at the start of every year but honestly I love it

  24. When you're doing your squats you're not going down enough! You wanna go "ass to grass"

  25. Fotini Fit says:

    Who else is making 2019 the year of crushing all their fitness goals?! ❤️

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