Killer at Home Chest Workout – 10 Minute Chest Workout Without Weights

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49 Responses

  1. 1SeniorSmurf says:

    If I can't make it to the gym, this is my go to work out. Thank you!

  2. Who else wants to get rid of man boobs

  3. AgroRolaTV says:

    kto od planety faktΓ³w?

  4. Angus Brown says:

    My wrists really fucking hurt doing this, to the point I can't acc do some of the workout, anyone got any ways to stop this?

  5. Bro you look like Jake Gyllenhaal

  6. Jordan Jones says:

    how do u do this without hurting your wrists?!

  7. Macatony says:

    What if I can't do even 1 pushup?

  8. Inez Neal says:

    Wide pushups are the hardest thing I've ever done in my life

  9. jason carter says:

    This looks like some serious stuff! Guys not very cut on the arms so it makes me wonder how he's even pulling all these off.
    I just did a couple days of dips and push-ups and am sore in upper arms so I'm wondering if i could do this workout for my chest without affecting them too much

  10. Nice with nice information

  11. Emile Debats says:

    Starting this today! Only problem I have is staying dedicated. I would appreciate some support & I will up load my results. #NewYearNewMe #TeamWorkMakesDreamsWork

  12. Sam Nguyen says:

    How many times per week should I do this workout until I feel like it's become easy.

  13. Did it twice to feel tired and damn I dont wanna move
    I thought I'd easily be able to keep up because I do some weight lifting at the gym but strenght training sure doesnt translate to endurance like this, damn

  14. J B says:

    lies on bed while watching the video
    has fat removal mashine on his belly

  15. If you really want to target the chest, keep the hands as close to each other, not the wide stance… wide stance targets the triceps.

  16. Excellent set of weights!>>> I start with these for motivation, then I get on my BOWFLEX M3 MAX TRAINER! I can do cardio and strength in the same workout! I do a set of reps for three different muscles, then after I do a set for each of those muscles, I FEEL ENERGIZED TO HOP ON MY ELLIPTICAL (the M3) FOR 20 MINUTES, then I get off and do 2 more sets for those three different muscle groups, and I'm done!! Excellent equipment, just gotta keep doing it at least 5 times a week!

  17. George Lap says:

    This is my favourite YouTube video ever.πŸ”₯

  18. Bro your face are red when you workout.🀨

  19. cricket says:

    Hope this will help with my gender dysphoria

  20. halfway through my chest is dead

  21. ZYIE GAMINGX says:

    Dude u just gave me the best workout ever! Thanks!

  22. Atmosphere says:

    Basic strength training is nice and all of that but this workout.. man my chest is in pain haha! Great workout Daniel, thank you so much ❀️

  23. createsplash says:

    this shit killed my ass

  24. pablo calvo says:

    How many times per week do i have to do this?

  25. Sadly I can't do push-ups

  26. George Lap says:


  27. Burn 1 Day 23 Extra Challenge complete! This is the first time doing this workout I attempted to do full pushups and succeeded. Proud of myself, like always :)) 16.10.18

  28. This is a benchmark workout for me. I can tell how I'm progressing based on how many of each exercise I can do on my toes. Not many most times!

  29. KillerπŸ‘πŸΎ side arm ups πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😨🀝

  30. Umm, this was actually really easy for me, but that's maybe because I'm skinny as a fly…

  31. Elo Elo says:

    I still don’t know if that guy is John Krasinski or not???πŸ€”

  32. zwaardvader says:

    2:59 is he about to pray? (salad)

  33. Kyan Soso says:

    good video it really helps

  34. maksud kazi says:

    Please dubbing in hindi

  35. CJClarkMusic says:

    Thanks, Jim Halpert! (Jokes aside, good workout)

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