oops I didn’t go over sets! usually I do 3-4 sets each. 


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25 Responses

  1. jacqchewy says:

    How would you write a program for someone training to run a race (10K, half marathon, marathon, etc.)?

  2. This video is such an amazing help!! So much information! Thanks!!!

  3. How many sets are you recommending per exercise?

  4. No hate, I am actually curious, are you a transgender? Hope u don't mind to be asked just wondering. Also wanna add that your videos are really helpful and informative👍

  5. ivi122 says:

    I’m new to the gym and this workout plan video is the best and easiest to understand. Some videos make it so damn complicated and don’t take into account that some of us are starting out and don’t know what the heck splitting, bulking, cutting etc means. Thank you so much for this video ❤️

  6. David Tad says:

    Sweet heart in your new vidio you said you used to to the GYM every day i said NO now in this vidio talking about REST just to let you know we watching

  7. thank you so much!!! This was so informational and I am now a subscriber

  8. I love cardio. I do 3hrs a week to build my speed, stamina, and endurance. 25 mins HIIT and the rest is interval-style medium to steady state. It's worked very well for me.

  9. Sonya Madden says:

    i can only workout at home. I have a pair of dumbells. What would a sample workout look like ?

  10. Just came across this video…thank you I've been trying to plan my workout. Would this still apply for at home workouts? If so what suggestions do you have for workouts? I do have a treadmill,bike and home gym

  11. Hi, I don't have a gym so what do you suggest if you only have a pull up bar, 25 pound dumbbell and 15 pounds dumbbell?

  12. Thank you so much, I found this the best workout program I've seen,,, it helped me so much and explanse alot of Qs

  13. Why do you need a whole leg day? You have to walk on your legs every single day. Plus a lot of people (myself included) have jobs that require them to be on their feet all day.

  14. Shay says:

    Love this video!! I’m under the impression that you should work out abs every day you work out? Or every time you do cardio? Thank you!

  15. Alex Sharp says:

    how many sets do you do per excercise

  16. Love this content. I love that it's well balanced! Good job!

  17. Sista Suga says:

    Hi Katie, I just discovered your channel. The information provided is truly helpful. Do you have anything for home workouts? I don't have access to the gym.

  18. Janelle L says:

    holy shit I just learned so much tysm❤

  19. Irena N says:

    Do you do the same Workouts each week or do you switch them up?

  20. What should I do if I really hate the leg machines in my gym? I enjoy free weights and cable machines much more and I don't have to suffer from the fact that I'm slightly shorter than the average woman.

  21. ashley mesey says:

    What about sets for each movement??

  22. Thank you for this complete and easy to understand video! Just what I was looking for 🙂 😁❤

  23. Elizabeth E. says:

    Omg, thank you. I have just downloaded your ebooks. I appreciate such great content and support.

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