How I lost 20 lbs in 2 Months! + My Spring Workout Routine!

How I lost 20 lbs in 2 Months! You guys have been asking me about my workout routine lately and to film a what I eat in a day so I mashed it all up into one! I hope any of you can find this helpful and leave any questions for me in the comments and I’ll 100% get back to you!

My 1 year transformation:

How I stay motivated:

My socials

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My Workout Routine

10 Min Warm Up Run

Circuit Training ( Sets of 20, 10, 5)
Jump Squats
Side Plank Leg Lifts
Jump Lunges
Frog Jumps

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42 Responses

  1. imagine being offended by someone calling her own self gross . like smaller girls can't have self image problems smh. y'all are assholes get over yourself

  2. Run 10 minutes
    20 jump squats
    20 burpees
    20 side plank leg lifts
    20 jump lunges
    20 Spider-Man’s
    20 pushups
    20 frog jumps

    Repeat with 10, then 5

  3. i'm eating takis while watching this oog

  4. Jaycie Drue says:

    This girl runs 2 miles in 16 minutes….

  5. Do you eat that meal everyday? How many times do you eat a day

  6. Sonagi says:

    good job, but that workout though lmao. If i only did that i would not even go to the gym.

  7. Athena Chaï says:

    you pour your water then your rice, how do you pour your cereal 3.36

  8. ana arteaga says:

    your house looks like is dirty af!! use some clorox it helps sorry it just gave me the impression

  9. Duhitzjess says:

    i’ve never seen someone from the US who has the same last name as me

    edit: nevermind i just heard you say your family is from ireland ahahah

  10. Eve Harris says:

    Dang girl, clean your hob

  11. Megan Hansen says:

    You’re allowed to be unhappy with your body and want to improve… but with so many people watching you should not talk about your body that way. It’s especially hurtful for people who are way bigger than you. Like if your body is “disgusting” then wtf is mine?

  12. Laura Warren says:

    you all know you have at some point looked at yourself and said "ew I look so disgusting" and can still look at other people and think they look great even if they are bigger or smaller than you. She obviously is trying to be helpful.

  13. Susan Baxter says:

    this motivated me so much thank you tara ♡ its especially good because i know i can do this stuff at home before i go up into weights.

  14. Mimi Potato says:

    What is wrong with ur face

  15. Loriena B&L says:

    Start the video. Hearing her saying '' it's disgusting'' about herself before. Change the video.

  16. I, like, literally, had to stop watching the video at, like, 3 minutes because all the "likes" were, like, literally, driving me crazy. Literally.

  17. I almost cried for that poor pan.

  18. M. M. says:

    This was actually really helpful! I feel like it’s that extra push I need right now 🙂

  19. Emi T says:

    how many times per week did you work out?

  20. although you can feel however you want about your body, you should be careful about what you say about the before picture. many people look bigger and this disgust at yourself in that picture can trigger hateful feelings of others watching this. also, it is so important to understand that just before you look a certain way and are dissatisfied with the way you look doesn't mean that you can not love yourself. Its great that you were able to lose that weight that you wanted to lose, but for everyone else reading this, please remember that your self-worth and who you are as a person should not depend on how your outward appearance looks. Please know you are worthy and beautiful no matter what you look like. beauty is in everyone.

  21. I’m loosing weight by only eating healthy, I was 71kg(156lbs) and now I’m 65.5(144lbs)
    Plz motivate me to loose more weight

  22. if i jumped down from her ego to her IQ, id kill myself

  23. Good for you girl 🙌🏽

  24. Ava Ware says:

    y’all stop being so butt hurt that she didn’t like her body, stop being so insecure and comparing urself to other people

  25. I would advise to wash the vegetables though!


  27. Love how real you are! New subscriber ❤️

  28. bye says:

    I enjoyed this video, but please wash your rice 😣

  29. Sees fresh veggies clicks off too poor

  30. I was like looking like for inspiration like but like I could like not watch thiiiiiiis like… so like… yeaaahh liiiiiiaaaaaakkkk!!

  31. Soph08 says:

    Seriously what was wrong with her before

  32. Idk why everyone is offended by the way you feel about YOUR own body. 😹 keep it up girl. These people are obnoxious and just get mad when people make progress

  33. Raisa Arce says:

    You have really pretty eyes!!

  34. I’m the first picture so thanks

  35. So let's see if i'm getting this right, people can no longer give opinion on THEIR OWN BODY because it might offend others….hm okay.

  36. Naa Akua says:

    You only has a bit of a bloated belly. These pics look the same to me apart from that how have you lost 20 pounds stop deceiving us😳

  37. Hali Wagner says:

    You are amazing Tara! I have an amazing cousin who is so strong and has broken school track records and is quickly making her way up in the running world. You REMIND me of her!

  38. Fancy Quay says:

    U look great before and after

  39. EMPRESS AUTUMN || I’m glad you lost weight and I’m very proud of you homegirl ♥️♥️♥️

    Love, Empress Autumn

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