Workout Plan For Maximum Attractiveness (My Weekly Routine)

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Day 1
Leg ext- 4 sets
Chest- decline barbell, inc Smith, flat fly, cable cross
Traps- machine shrug/db shrug
Bi- 21s
Tris- skull crushers

Day 2
Leg ext- 4 sets
Back- pull up heavy lat pulldown, db rows, heavy cable row, deadlift
Trap- machine shrug/db shrug
Bis- 21s, cable conc. Curls
Tris- skull crushers

Day 3
Quads- leg ext, Smith machine squat, slow leg press
Hams- stiff leg deadlift, hamstring curls
Calves- seated calf raise, horizontal calf raise

Day 4
Tris- rope ext, skull crush, machine dips
Bis- 21s, cable conc. Curls, machine preacher curls
Forearms- hammer curls, barbell wrist curls
Trap- machine shrugs

Day 5
Shoulders- reverse dec deck, one arm machine row, db laterals, barbell/db press
Traps- machine shrug, db shrug

All exercises should be done 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps. Think HEAVY but manageable. You should be pyramiding up in weight each set.

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9 Responses

  1. horrible workout split. FAIL.

  2. Brian Welter says:

    Leg extensions are NOT good!! Squats, leg presses, lunges, reverse leg curls, calf raises!!

  3. Those are good exercises but I don't do bro splits. A lot of studies show you get the maximum gains from full body workouts, it's not just good for beginners but for advance lifters aswell and I feel like it saves time then going everyday to the gym. Here is my workout schedule I created
    Full body
    Bench press 4x sets Chest
    Incline bench press 4× Chest
    Deadlift 4x Back
    Squat 4x Legs
    Assisted pullups 4x Back
    Assisted dips 4x Arms
    Concentration Curl 4x Arms
    Shoulder press machine 4x
    Crunch Machine 4x Core/Abs
    Leg press 4x Legs
    I try to do this 3 times a week cause anymore would lead to overtraining and that will result in less gains according to studies. I wanted to switch out Shoulder press Machine with military press cause it's a full compound movement, I will when I perfect the form of all my compound exercises. Compound are the best exercises compared to isolation cause they hit alot of muscles, that's why I start with them first. I will change this around as I progress and I will add In shrugs later and switch out one with lat pulldown. I saw alot of great tips in your vid

  4. buff dudes finna copystriKE

  5. Anri Davids says:

    Keep motivating yourself to do simple exercise every single day to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. Well explained bro, thanks for sharing.

  6. IF and Keto is the way to go

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