10 Minute Best Easy At Home Abs Workout Routine for Lower abs & Flat Stomach | Burn Belly Fat

Hi Wishtrenders! To not only care for our Wishtrender’s healthy skin but for healthy body as well, we have prepared a fitness series. On Wishtrend Fitness TV, we will be sharing tips and workout plans that are actually effective in order to bring out the best of you. But always remember that healthy bodies come from healthy minds. If you ever slightly feel unhappy with how you look, remind yourself that you are beautiful just as who you are. 😉

The first episode of Wishtrend Fitness TV is here.
We’ve prepared easy but effective exercises for 11-shaped abs that you can do at home while watching TV.
Check out these figure maintaining tips and know-hows from Korean model, Jaei!

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36 Responses

  1. Please!!!!!!!! Do one for Slim the arms… please

  2. Yuki Art says:

    After watching this video I just wanna know how be tall as u😂

  3. Tsu Yoongi says:

    First step:
    Listen to Subliminals

    Now you're happy

  4. I like this video , thank very much

  5. Sä Sö says:

    she looks like solji from EXID

  6. Hips slimming video pls T^T

  7. colachim says:

    this is so easy, even i can do this 🙂

  8. I loved it! I wanted to exercise to have abs because in my country is going to be summer soon ☀️ thank you wishtrend

  9. colachim says:

    please do a hip slimming workout!! <3

  10. I’m super excited for the rest of this series!!!

  11. Nida Mumtaz says:

    Plz make a video for slimming thighs and hips, please.

  12. Edwin Yeong says:

    This girl so tall and lean…great workout…

  13. Really love how u edit the video and the background is very nice!! You are my body goal!! 🙂

  14. k.lee.z says:

    wow, her body is amazing

  15. it was really effective i really felt a chance and i love these exr. because they are easy to do and very effective 😍😍😁✌✌✌✌❤❤❤😂😘^_^ ^_^ ^_~

  16. Please do an inner thigh workout! I love your channel so much!

  17. I want to know if this is really effective and how quick the effects are

  18. Arlene Leow says:

    I feel so guilty watching this as I slurp on samyang noodles for my late lunch

  19. Beca&Esmi says:

    Very helpful!! Would love to see workouts for inner thighs/ slim legs & arms.

  20. Radha Chawla says:

    Please make a combo video for hips and thighs

  21. Lu says:

    You should really do how to get just a slim body overall with workouts lol besides the diet it’s also very important to exercise!

  22. Fishunmi says:

    I don’t know why, but in the very beginning when they showed how she did the workout looked like a workout ad

  23. Please do a leg and especially inner thigh slimming workout. Also, 0ease give tips on how to not bulk up your calves and thigh muscles, and instead achieve thin, slim, and lean legs. I used to have a huge thigh gap, but after doing hard cardio and aerobics, I feel like my thighs and calves have bulked up dramatically. My thigh gap is also much smaller than before. How can I do fat burning full body workouts without growing my thigh and calf muscles?

  24. Eun Hye says:

    What's her instagram acc??

  25. EXO-L XBACK says:

    she really explained it so well..

  26. An An says:

    Like si ves esto para bajar todo lo que comiste en navidad.

  27. Is it effective?? Its not for my body tho huhuhuhu

  28. Thank you for this~
    Please do more for legs and butt, thanks~~😽

  29. Umaira Azrul says:

    can u share this tips on instagram?

  30. ThatsMichele says:

    I also love using my wishtrend bottle whenever i do my workout hehe

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