No Equipment HIIT Cardio Home Workout – Quick and Intense HIIT

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49 Responses

  1. That only burnt 120 calories?!? I thought it could’ve burnt like 200

  2. Excelente rutina, gracias por compartir

  3. New workout for fitness blender! 💕 thank you! 😊

  4. Perfect way to start my Monday!

  5. A killer 13 minute, who'd a thought.

  6. About screamed “How DARE you almost deny me a workout complete!!!” We’ve come to expect it you see.

  7. Jay Nonsense says:

    Just did this workout and I'm sweating so badly😂😂 thanks!

  8. Beth S. says:

    My daughter and I just did this workout together. We are both a sweaty mess!! Thank you Fitness Blender!

  9. J Jones says:

    Them squat jacks funny ass hell

  10. Appa Girl says:

    What app on your phone do you use ? I'd love to do this but I don't have an easy timing system

  11. Morire con uds.!!!!!
    Eligo una clase y hago la misma 3 veces en la semana

  12. Get ready for summer !

  13. Basliisk g says:

    been awhile thanks guys

  14. Nico says:

    This Sunday afternoon is gonna be fun!!

  15. You guys are inspiring! Such great content and consistently good form. You two inspired me to start my little exercise channel. Thank you so much!!!

  16. Leah Marie says:

    I just did a cardio and abs for my workout today! I'll have to try this tomorrow. Maybe i'll do this one, with a 10 minute upper body strength one.

  17. Chink Man says:

    Do you guys ever plan on realising a workout you can do with injured hand. Also love your videos.

  18. Nothing excites me more than a new workout video from my favourite people on youtube! Thank you! Can't wait to do it tomorrow!
    Much love from India.

  19. Kanzee says:

    I love these series….thank you fitness Blender Crew !! 💪😎👍💖 🔥

  20. Simple Truth says:

    Added to my FB quick HIIT List🙌🏽🙏🏽

  21. Diana Kunta says:

    Nice when you don’t have the time for a longer routine still gave me a good sweat

  22. Simone K says:

    Love this one!! Every workout that has starjumps in is a good one 💥💣💪 #hateloverelationship

  23. Zabaida Mir says:

    Tysm for this! 😘💪

  24. carla ramos says:

    Excellent workout! Thanks!!

  25. In this workout video we have split the HIIT routine into two sections each with 6 unique exercises. Each group is done twice through using a tabata style interval of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest/prep. Instead of our normal AB/AB set up, in this routine we will go through each exercise once before starting back over for a second round through. The second group is done exactly the same way but with 6 different exercises from the first group. Get ready to have fun, be out of breath, and worn out by the time this 12 minutes is up. And as always with HIIT you will reap the benefits of a strong metabolic disturbance that will have you burning calories at an elevated rate for the next 24-48 hours even without any additional exercise. You have to love HIIT and strength training for that metabolic boost! Read more @

  26. I have planned for upper body and lower body Powerblock weights this week(alternating upper and lower each day).I'l do this one tomorrow morning then to start week off.

  27. دەست خۆش سەرکەوتوو بیت 👍🙂

  28. Retrosky says:

    Doing this the first thing tmrw morning!

  29. Emran Raja says:

    Superb workouts no need waste money gym subscriptions

  30. zapto E says:

    Just at the time i needed it. Thanks!

  31. نور TM says:

    waaaw mutabaeatik min aleiraq wa'iiniy dayimn 'aemal hadhy liriadih ♥♥♥♥♥

  32. Added to my calendar 😊

  33. Ujaja Seh says:

    Just need it. Right on time! Thank you..

  34. I'm doing this tomorrow first thing in the morning (if I can walk after today's kettlebell workout) 😁 Thank you Kelli and Daniel for everything you do ❤️

  35. Your workouts FB, what ever they may be are always great & superior to any other..

  36. Hanan Balat says:

    Love your workouts! I do them 4/5 days a week.

  37. اولللل مشاهدة واول ❤🍃🐱

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