What I Eat Pre & Post Workout (Meal Ideas & Nutrition Science)

How I Train 👇💪
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Scale I Use 👇
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References ▹

Tipton et al. (2006) Stimulation of net muscle protein synthesis by whey ingestion before and after workout
Aragon & Schoenfeld (2013): “Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window?”
Moore et al. (2009): “Ingested protein dose response of muscle and albumin protein
synthesis after resistance exercise in young men”
Macnaughton et al. (2016): “The response of muscle protein synthesis following whole-body resistance exercise is greater following 40 g than 20 g of ingested whey protein”
Haff et al. (2000): “Carbohydrate Supplementation Attenuates Muscle Glycogen Loss During Acute Bouts of Resistance Exercise”

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1.What is your ethnicity?
‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
2. How tall are you?
‣ 5’4″
3. How old are you?
‣ 29
3. What are you researching?
‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹ http://bit.ly/dayasaphd
4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
‣ Duh
5. Is that your real hair?
‣ Yes

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AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!

Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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43 Responses

  1. WHAT'S UP MT LOVES!!! Missed you guys! I hope you enjoy the meal ideas with a dose of science! 🤓 As always, let me know if you have any requests for topics you'd like me to cover in the comments! 👇 If you guys follow my IG (@stephanie_buttermore) or my food IG (@stephshollowleg) you saw I had a Cheat Day!! 🍕🍩So that will be my next video! Stay Tuned! xo 💕
    edit I just boarded a plane so if I don’t get to your comment, that’s why. 🙏

  2. Fiha Rani says:

    This was so useful and the BBQ wrap looks so delicious

  3. Susan S. says:

    I love your meal choices.

  4. Asia Russell says:

    I see now why my stomach hurt SO bad after drinking PEScience protein powder. It has casein in it 😭

  5. Selvana S says:

    Omg I loved this video. I think this is my favorite video you have ever made.

  6. Ceptember says:

    You are Canadian too. Why did you say only Jeff is?

  7. Rose Violet says:

    Can you do one of these for an endurance athlete?? That would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  8. Aleari Fang says:

    Wow this video helps a lot!

  9. charlotte ch says:

    Can you do one fdoe during the cut? Thank you.🙏🙏❤❤

  10. Margot Ochoa says:

    Steph you're looking really good 💪workouts have really been paying off. A Big 👍up! I enjoyed this video very informative! Thank you

  11. Traxus says:

    Jeff wearing boots, shorts, and a toque is Canadian af

  12. How can I say this with out sounding like a troll… what is going on Stephanie? You look very thin… your arms are bones and it’s scary considering you used to have a lot of muscle… please tell me this is not a long term look for you.. I’m seriously saying this out of fear of you getting sick. I hope your doing ok.

  13. Xanivert says:

    Straight Outta Auschwitz

  14. Great video!!! You look amazing!!! I am trying to start building muscle!!! I am an ex vegan recovering from a bicycle injury!!! Thank you for all of the inspiring info!!!:-)

  15. extra claps for adding pineapple to that wrap

  16. N Gelf says:

    what about if you workout fasted, first thing in the morning?

  17. Ababy says:

    When I see all the animal products, cheese, eggs, meat, whey protein powder, it makes me fear for your arteries.
    Did you know that eggs are not even able to be labeled 'nutritious' or 'healthy ' because they are loaded with cholesterol – 1 egg has more cholesterol than a Big Mac.
    Did you know that animal products are the leading cause of ALL the main causes of death – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc, and plant-based diets are the ONLY diets that can reverse these diseases.

  18. Stephanie have you had the Justin’s white chocolate peanut butter cups yet?? Omg so good! I know you like white chocolate… I usually prefer their dark chocolate peanut butter flavor but just tried the white chocolate and it’s awesome too 😋😋❤️

  19. alexia grant says:

    OMG more vids like this. They’re so informative. 💙💙

  20. the unwanted says:

    Is there a possibility of including calorie counts with these videos?

  21. Question: When you're in a deficit or cut, do you count/track macros from vegetables? Specifically ones that are very low calorie and have more micro nutrients than macro. ex: lettuce, cucumber, broccoli. I've heard people say they don't track them so I'm curious to know what you think of this. Thanks!!

  22. Amy Lotman says:

    LOVE your videos!! Great content 🙂

  23. THIS is honestly such a smart video. Sometimes it's so confusing what to eat and not eat pre and post workout but this was so helpful in that! Thank youuuu

  24. london hall says:

    I loveeee that you and Jeff include science facts to back up what your saying! I know you guys are very educated and have a “right” to give people advice, but it’s good to see examples and studies that confirm everything!! Please keep posting lots of videos, you are my favorite health and fitness couple!

  25. Stephh! On your next cheat day you should definitely eat Popeye's, specifically:

    Cajun chicken sandwich


    and biscuits

    love your videos <3

  26. Jane M. says:

    Love the layers! Face framing definitely suits you

  27. Would be great to hear your thoughts on the different sources of protein and whether there are benefits or not to getting them from protein powders, red meat/ white meat / plant based etc. Love your stuff!

  28. Jordyn Jack says:

    Please do a video on hypothyroidism and how that affects training and diet. Also could you do a video about cutting to lose 20-30 lbs so more long term and address how many calories you should be decreasing each week and "cheat"/re-feed days. Thanks a bunch 🙂

  29. Love these ideas; super easy to follow and the way you filmed this was great!

  30. Weird question…what would you suggest for a kid pre and post. She does Parisi which is speed and agility/ strength training and is almost 8. I never know what to feed her before and after when she is using so much muscle and running. I know its an odd thing to think about because she absolutely is not on any kind of "diet" but I want to make sure she is getting everything she needs before and after so much running and lifting. (She does it to gain more speed and muscle for soccer, so I don't sound like a mom making her kid do insane things mom 😁)

  31. Namìko t. says:

    Is it normal to eat more when you workout more? Because I always have a big appetite but I workout everyday is tht why

  32. ok, whaaaaat. Every single time I mix protein powder with hot water, a little hot or boiling, it coagulates into rubbery clumps like scrambled eggs! What's this black magic where you get it to mix normally??

  33. T M says:

    1- finally we’ve been waiting for this video 2- ur body is honestly gorgeous wow that’s dedication 3- im so never going to be that lean

  34. Caio Minitti says:

    Hey Steph, when you wrap up your chicken wrap, you gotta fold the back as well or else the chicken toppings will fall down. I used to do the same thing as you but my life changed when I learned this trick. Hope it helps you too 🙂 ❤

  35. karen bulmer says:

    Hi Stephanie
    I have really been enjoying your videos, I have noticed that sugar grams are not mentioned, is there a reason for this?
    Keep up the good work

  36. This video was amazing! Would love more 💥

  37. Jus Jus says:

    I believe that giving advice about nutrition or training should or has the right to only someone who has achieved something in appearance

  38. Love these type of videos!! 🤓 Would love to see a video on mass gainers.. I’ve heard some people say they aren’t healthy for you but as a full time college student and working part time it can be hard to find time to cook myself healthy meals all the time! 😭

  39. Loved the science on protein 💪🏽

  40. ❤️Absolutely love your content … would looove for you to upload more🙌🏼🙈

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