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38 Responses

  1. Chachis so cute!😍😍

  2. ro. says:

    More gym videos. Yasss! Good for you beautiful 😱😍💕🙌🏼

  3. I had such oily skin and would break out all the time until I finally found products that reduced my oil production, I was so happy! Then I got pregnant and am breaking out again 😩🙃

  4. Arica says:

    Try Curology !! It helped me so much.

  5. Look at you go lifting heavy weights! ☺️

  6. Olivia Grace says:

    Night time routine please

  7. Christina says:

    Love this! I’m definitely interested in seeing a nighttime routine. What about Spf to protect your skin from sunburn & skin cancer?

  8. You’ve been keeping us happy with the upload consistency❤️😊

  9. Night time routine💕love you

  10. Поймешь мой комент?

  11. Emma Payton says:

    yess i wanna see your nighttime routine!

  12. Ethan McCall says:

    You're so pretty even without makeup

  13. Night time routine please!!❤❤

  14. Finally get to watch this ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. DianaM44 says:

    Try a turmeric face mask. I've tried so many things and after a while they stop working but the turmeric is amazing!

  16. Lisa Araheme says:

    I love watching your videos thanks for sharing hun💯💕 …. ps I am a small youtuber^^

  17. Did she just eat Jalepeños from the can? 💀 saaammeee

  18. I love how she was barefaced in the whole video

  19. ruby cordova says:

    Did anyone notice the painting changed from positive anarchy to day of the dead wedding photo. I notice random things okay. love you chachi!

  20. chloe coraz says:

    No sabía que tenías acné. Probar e ese limpiador 😘😘

  21. Night time routine please

  22. Food Stamp says:

    Hola Miss Chachi and everyone ♥️

  23. Could you make a video of your daily workout routine ? 😊

  24. Try no oil to the face or no products except a good foam cleanser so only wash face at night as strips too much from new cells cleaning too or satin pillow cases for sleeping….no hot sauces, dairy….face will clear amazing….

  25. Alan Brito says:

    ella es tan bonita….

  26. Taylor Delma says:

    The thumbnail is just adorable

  27. 💜❤ a day with you and jukka

  28. fanny chavez says:

    You are gorgeous😭❤️ the routine is real love your vids!😭❤️

  29. Candy Master says:

    I would like to see your nigth time routine😊

  30. Candy Master says:

    I love your videos💕 even im in hospital your videos always makes me happy. You are so kind and funny and sweet😊 i really hope you can see this comment from me

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