MEN vs WOMEN | Sex Differences in Training | Science Explained (12 Studies)

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33 Responses

  1. Love your videos Jeff , We are also the same height and gain muscle quickly haha but just a question…Are you saying it isn't true that men gain muscle size FAR above what women can achieve in a short period
    or are you saying it is equal hands down… Because biologically …They are the weaker vessel …On average …No arguments needed.
    If you don't like it shoot the biologists…I'm confused. Testosterone.. isn't the only thing a lot higher in men than women.. Which greatly increases your ability to build muscle..Strength is higher in men on average as well. This isn't an insult to women. Why are we treating it as such? I don't care what new people come out saying the opposite.. It will never change. Men Stronger – Women – not inferior because of this simple fact. I'm so confused as to what this is about. I thought we knew these things already? My tone isn't aggressive btw I'm just curious.

  2. NB says:

    Amanda Bucci is so sexy!!!

  3. LBlubb says:

    That's so disgusting how you grabbed their booties in the beginning as if they were pieces of meat – sorry, can't watch this bro

  4. Rohit Shan says:

    This time you grabbed their asses nxt time grab their boobs n nxt time foursome….. Believe me u will get more subscribers n likes n comments….. U cheap bastards…..

  5. Eddie NYC says:

    why are people thumbing down? or complaining about placement of graphs? its an informative video… if you want to see females bending over go youtube another video?

  6. TheOtherPD says:

    This is the most info packed vid I've found on this topic. Kuddos.

  7. Geo Gil says:

    The difference is biology therefore sex. A woman can never compete with a man in leadership and physicality.

  8. Q . says:

    Dig the info man!


    Subscribe to PewDiePie Please.

  10. Millennials so self absorbed; the ass grabbing so tacky and disrespectful. What a shame, such beautiful girls allowing some meat head fondle them in public that way. Regardless whether they're boyfriend & girlfriend, it's so disrespectful.

  11. Infernz says:

    Gillette staff dissliked this video

  12. The 7 hertz says:

    These lying rats are all on steroids! 😂 this Jeff dude has bought 40 vials off of a friend of mine online 🤣🤣

  13. Is that why some women aren't exhausted after sex?

  14. root2ohm says:

    Are tou suggesting that men and women have different bodies and potentials? Oh you sexist fascist pig..

  15. Mad Lad says:

    Clickbait title&Thumbnail super Pro lvl 9000

  16. There is no differences. Men and women and other sexes are Equal.

  17. The Daedra says:

    1:03 They did my boy 21 dirty

  18. The Nickster says:

    Next video: “How to train this guys gay voice”

  19. Daniel Peer says:

    If all that nonsense about women building muscle mass at the same rate as men were true, I wouldn't bench, squat, and deadlift more than the women's world records. And, there wouldn't be dudes that are almost twice as strong as me in the same universe as those women.

  20. When i saw men are much bigger than women on that video, i believe this youtuber has a poor research 👎

  21. Kay Belay says:

    I’m not sure what exactly I learned from this video, I was super distracted.
    I definitely don’t wanna re-watch it

  22. Tronix says:

    you knew exactly what you was doing, putting sex in big, bold letters in the thumbnail 😂

  23. Jordi Wessam says:

    Nice work ,very informative

  24. Chase Rock says:

    Why people like women with a fat ass is beyond me. Gross.

  25. When men perform thigh there elbows will be but why girls elbows become plain please answer

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