Full Biceps & Triceps Workout For Bigger Arms

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The Routine:

A1 – Flat DB Skull Crushers (4 Sets)
Reps – 10, Tempo – 2020, Rest – 90 sec

B1 – Cable Pressdown (4 Sets)
Reps – 10, Tempo – 2011, Rest – 90 sec (Final Set Dropset)

C1 – Overhead Rope Extension (3 Sets)
Reps – 10–12, Tempo – 2011, Rest – 70 sec

D1 – Feel Elevated Bench Dips (3 Sets)
Reps – 15, Tempo – 1010, Rest – 60 sec (Final Set To Failure)

E1 – Standing BB Curls (4 Sets)
Reps – 8, Tempo – 2010, Rest – 100 sec

F1 – Alternating DB Hammer Curls (4 Sets)
Reps – 20, Tempo – 1010, Rest – 90 sec

G1 – Standing EZ Cable Curls (4 Sets)
Reps – 10, Tempo – 2010, Rest – 90 sec (Final Set Dropset)

Example of 2010 tempo:

2 second negative (eccentric phase)
0 second rest in lengthened position
1 second concentric
0 second holding contraction in shortened position

(Even though it says 0 second holding the contraction I will still always try to squeeze it. Just not for a whole second.)

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31 Responses

  1. do you know midbeast the lol player?

  2. For the Skull crushers , aren't there standing alternatives involving 1 or both arms? It's tough for me to balance both weights sometimes because 1 or my arms is weaker than the other.

  3. Skyride says:

    I use 💉💉💉💉 they are amazing my dick is finally bigger then my balls 💪💪

  4. antony kulik says:

    New sub….damn you are a beautiful man

  5. Kenny Oberes says:

    Did this and felt it in my back as well, that normal?

  6. Shelby Gt says:

    Damn dude you got awesome looking arms ! No homo but yeah I wish I looked like that 🤔

  7. It would be nice to know how many sets and reps.

  8. arif hidayat says:

    Sudah kucoba guys dan tanganku gak bisa besar seperti dia

  9. Norberto Paz says:

    One of the best male physiques I’ve seen, an all around 10. Thanx for the work outs

  10. Bert Rich says:

    Your arms look photoshopped…

  11. lon don says:

    Stop takıng jabs up your ass mıke

  12. I would feel very oncomfortabel training with clothing sitting so tight. 🤨

  13. Noooo….dips are awful for shoulders…impingement…

  14. KING NOMAD says:

    I wonder if your shirt is tight enough?

  15. Mikhail Eco says:

    he didn't do it right. the cable pushdown and rope overhead. u can thank your mass supplements and steroids later.

  16. Mike THIRSTon no homo

  17. Doing curls in the squat rack.
    In my gym you can get stabbed for that kind of behavior

  18. garymparsons says:

    Does he not have a shoulder day 🤗

  19. fuck im jelly for those arms…

  20. Harry O says:

    Big arms on that guy in the thumbnail, u should get him.on your show.

  21. TJO says:

    If I have say 6 exercises do I do one exercise (Example bicep curl) 4 times in a row or I move on to the different exercises until the end and count that as a set

  22. McMahon143 says:

    I thought my arms were big before I saw this video

  23. That guy at 3.05 minutes though haha

  24. Horror Cube says:

    Who will be Here 2020 ?

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